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act on instinct
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Info: Mike Verta’s 4K Restoration - May 2020 Livestream
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18-Aug-2020, 11:30 AM
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18-Aug-2020, 12:02 PM
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act on instinct
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I wouldn’t call it a special edition, this site is so hair trigger on anything that could be designated a change I think we miss the forest for the trees, if Lucas was only ever removing the garbage mattes I don’t think this conversation would even be happening. Fan-edit seems needlessly harsh too, Mike himself has changed his own view on alterations to very minor effect shots he’s decided to instead preserve rather than fix even when preservation is a lot more time consuming and counter intuitive than a fix. It’s much more of a true remaster.

I think there’s some sour grapes on here because we don’t have access to Legacy, but this is more than a decade of work and it has been a labor of love, I’m not comfortable brushing aside all that dedication and effort as MV just doing whatever he wants, he could really be much less considerate if it was the case that he was exclusively altering to personal taste.