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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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17-Aug-2020, 11:47 PM

dgraham414 said:

I think the rambling is just as pointless as “power converters” or “moister vaporators” or “speaking boche” or “thermal oscillator” or “compressor adding stress on the hyperdrive” or “GIVE ME THE HYDROSPANER!”

When audiences see the original film they see the Falcon flying into different parts of space rabidly and they hadn’t seen that before (set aside that it’s stupid). The question is then “what is that??”

Answer in the film and canon; Lightspeed skipping

When watching the film now with Lightspeed skipping removed we see the falcon punch through a solid object while moving into hyperspace, something we have never seen before.
Question. “Didn’t the last time we see a ship fly into something at Lightspeed it destroy almost a whole fleet? Why doesn’t this maneuver destroy the falcon?

Answer: “you Lightspeed skipped? You can’t Lightspeed skip the Falcon!”

The audience now knows that the maneuver Poe and company did by punching threw the ice wall is different and a risky maneuver with an in-universe name. With a simple line of technobabble the question is settled. Without it, the question remains, “why were they able to punch through the ice wall?”

If we had not seen the act of Lightspeed skipping before, if we didn’t have that context, I don’t think that line would be in contention at all.

I understand everyone’s reasoning, I’m sorry that I’m harping on it I mean no offense, just want to explain my thinking. The added bonus is retaining one of the very few interactions we have between Finn and Rey.