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Going away? Post so here!
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17-Aug-2020, 11:26 AM

StarkillerAG said:

I’m feeling the same way also. The constant arguing and negativity in the Star Wars fan base is exhausting, and I just don’t feel much passion for Star Wars as a franchise anymore.

I used to feel similar, but have since jettisoned the negative aspects of fandom from my viewing habbits.

No more toxic or hating videos on youtube, or twitter, or from sites that promote such views and content. And there still many good sites and forums out there still, and youtube channels too. These good places soon fill my youtube and twitter recommendations/likes so I do not see the toxic channels anymore.

I still get to engage with others with a wide range of views and intepretations, but without the hate and repeated negativity.

Overall this place is very good for such respectful views, I think some also take this site for granted, and that we would be worse off without sites such as this one.

Everyone can still contribute to make it an even better place 😃 And if not on this place then we can for the next place, and the next.