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Idea: 'Star Wars Episode VIII: A Spark of Resistance' (Last Jedi Fan Edit) or I May or May Not Know How to get this made...
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15-Aug-2020, 12:07 PM
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15-Aug-2020, 12:08 PM
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Ok since copyright is a bitch on YouTube for me, I present my rough idea and how I have assembled the opening of the fan edit.

Changes so far as of (8/15/2020):

-New Luke and Skellig Michael shots from Documentaries and Production Shots
-Removed “We’ve Caught Them Right In the Middle of their Evacuation” and “I Have My Orders From Supreme Leader Snoke…”
-Most of the Battle of D’Qar just to make Poe look like the “hell of a pilot” he was called in TFA
-Removed Snoke and Hux’s conversation
-Removed Paige Tico and those Stupid Bombers

Things to Add:
-New Music from previous movies or other Star Wars media

  • New Luke and Rey Dialogue
  • New Kylo Ren shot with mask watch Resistance Escape
  • Voiceovers from TFA before Finn awakens. Eh. Eh.