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'Godzilla - The Heisei Series' Remastered (a WIP)
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14-Aug-2020, 1:04 AM
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14-Aug-2020, 1:05 AM
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Update on this. I know for sure that I’m actually going to do these edits, and I also know that I am going to do the edit that combines The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Biollante (and as events happening at the same time, rather then TROG being a prologue), though I’m also planning on making separate fan-edits for both (in which TROG and GVB are separate films). I have even already started working on my GVMGII edit a little bit, doing the color correction work and editing the Godzilla vs. Rodan fight.

Here are changes that are going to be made to all 7 films.

-All films are given a completely new color grade, adjusted to my liking. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II especially, as the Japanese Blu-Ray looks very dull and washed out, worse than the Japanese DVD (proving it’s not a problem with the film itself, but the Blu-Ray transfer). The film seems to have a gray filter applied to the whole thing. In fact I’d even say both TriStar transfers are better, even the DVD one. The whole film will look much brighter and more appealing.
-Brand new subtitles for Japanese dialogue. I know this may cause controversy, but my goal here will not to create the most accurate translations, rather have the dialogue be as good as possible. I will use lines from the fandubs included with Gorizard’s uploads of the Japanese versions on and lines from the dubtitles interchangeably to my liking, and sometimes I will even change the line myself simply to make it better. I apologize if this offends anyone who thinks it’s offensive to straight up change some dialogue, but I thought it would really benefit these edits to take complete advantage of the situation and have free reign to adjust the dialogue in any way I please, to make it all good (not that the dialogue was particularly bad in the Heisei series overall or anything, but there are still some clunkers and this does still give me free reign to do things like explain the time travel plot in Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah better).
-All English in the film will be replaced with the English dubbed version. The dubs just generally have better performances when it comes to the non-Japanese speaking roles throughout the films, look no further then Dr. Asimov from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. Honestly I think the guy who did the dub for him did a really good job. Mileage does vary depending on the instance but in any case the dub is still better.
-Any instance in which a monster has its mouth open but there’s no roar sound effect to accompany it will either chopped, trimmed, or has a sound effect added to it. This actually happens a LOT in every Toho Godzilla movie. This gives me a nice opportunity to add some awesome Millennium Godzilla grunt and growl sound effects, which I think would still fit and make him sound even more ferocious.

I may post the first scene of this series soon, the fight between Godzilla and Rodan in GVMGII, which has gotta be one of my all-time favorite fights of the series due to how brutal it is, but this will showcase my color correction work and I still feel it needed some trims and more sound effects.