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The Sequels - George's Original Trilogy
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13-Aug-2020, 3:22 PM
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I’m really sad we’ll more than likely never see George’s full concepts and vision for the Sequel Trilogy.

Like many before me though I’m very intrigued by the Whills and their relationship with the Force. The glimpses it seems we got with the Yoda arc in The Clone Wars with the Force Priestesses wasn’t nearly enough.

George told during a retrospect for The Phantom Menace last year, “Early on, it was that Anakin had been more or less created by the midi-chlorians, and that the midi-chlorians had a very powerful relationship to the Whills [from the first draft of Star Wars], and the power of the Whills, and all that. I never really got a chance to explain the Whills part.”

I really get the impression from taking into account this, George’s conversation with James Cameron, and the Yoda arc that they’re Immortal beings who study and watch the events of the mortal beings and they are the Force. They created Anakin to combat the growing threat of the Dark Side which took the Force out of Balance as it may have always been told by a central Whill. It makes me wonder if part of the journey of the Sequel Trilogy would’ve been about the grandchildren of Anakin discovering their deeper connection to the Force. Similar in a way to the Ones on Mortis. They’d become the embodiments of Light and Dark to maintain long term balance with Anakin serving as Father.

I imagined the Sequel Trilogy we got ending like that in a way. I saw Rey whose a Skywalker (as George wanted) in some way and Ben coming together as the Daughter and Son to embody the Light and Dark as Anakin tries to contain them. Ensuring a long term Balance.

I’m not sure about this now but it really makes me wonder how George would’ve gone about tackling this considering he saw Anakin as the Chosen One.