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Back To The Future - Preserving the German Version (Released)
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13-Aug-2020, 5:36 AM
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9-Nov-2020, 4:21 PM
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One of the other tasks to achieve with this project was preservation of the original German stereo (Dolby Surround) sound. The problem was that since the DVDs, the German audio had been remixed in 5.1. The quality of these mixes was somehow underwhelming: Part 1 had almost no surround activity, for instance. Therefore, one of the tasks would be to obtain and sync up the original theatrical audio (in German and English).

I could obtain the PCM LD audio (PAL) from Pinheadraiser. These of course needed to be synchronized with the BluRay, especially as they included a side change. Parts I and III were quite straightforward and no problem at all.

However, Part II proved to be the most tedious work. After several attempts I found out that the DVD/BluRay 5.1 German audio that I used for reference, just wouldn’t do. The voices on it were definitely out of sync in the first 45 minutes or so. For Part II, the Cinefacts user DVD Schweizer offered his help. So he resynched the German audio for Part II for me.
Additionally, fan 5.1 mixes by the NIMA4K enthusiasts are provided optionally.

As for English Stereo audio, there already were 4K-synched tracks which were provided to me by PDB from this forum. These needed to be adjusted in delay, but other then that, they were very very fine.

So what this projects will include, is:

  • German FLAC 2.0 (German LD audio)
  • English FLAC 2.0 (English LD audio)
    And, as separate files:
  • German DTS 5.1 (German fan mix by NIMA4K, based on new Atmos mix & old BR DTS-HDMA)
  • English DTS-HDMA 5.1 (from the 2020 BluRay)