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REY NOBODY - The 'Official' Fan-Editing Thread
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12-Aug-2020, 4:20 AM

So instead of doing more important things, I wanted to take a crack at playing around with the Hangar Scene for a Rey Nobody edit. I like the potential of a “Rey killed her parents” version, but I wanted to try something more straightforward. It’s not as compelling, perhaps, but it is still less offensive than Rey Palpatine.

In this version of the film, I would remove any reference to Rey recognizing Ochi’s ship, or Rey seeing her parents in any vision. I may try to tackle the Force bond duel at some point, but in this version I would probably shorten the scene, and replace a lot of the dialogue with more generic taunts about Kylo sensing the darkness within her.

This version of the hangar scene just has Kylo Ren confirm Rey’s fears about the vision she saw earlier in the film. Rey’s reaction to info she already has might seem a little dramatic, but in my mind, I interpret Rey’s reaction as her starting to feel that her future is fated and inescapable. But a part of her is still in denial, convincing herself that Kylo Ren is lying in order to manipulate her.

Here’s a rough test for their hangar interaction:

And here’s an alternate line read for Kylo near the end of the scene, keeping closer to the original line: