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11-Aug-2020, 2:06 PM

I would really like to fit NIGHTSISTERS, MONSTER, WITCHES OF THE MIST, BROTHERS, REVENGE, REVIVAL, EMINENCE, SHADES OF REASON, and THE LAWLESS into a single film to cover Savage Opress’s whole arc, with him as the main character of this film.

MASSACRE and BOUNTY aren’t really that important, so they could be left out. When Savage reunites with Talzin in REVENGE, she explains Dooku and Grievous attacked the Nightsisters, but they’ll survive as they always have. That basically covers the Massacre episode. When Ventress shows up later, it can be assumed she decided to become a bounty hunter without showing her first bounty hunting mission in BOUNTY.

What do you think? I don’t know if I could get nine episodes down to a reasonable 2 1/2 hour film length or not.