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EddieDean said:
I’d drop Mortis. A lot of people like it, but I think it’s super ham fisted and clunky - to me it doesn’t feature the ‘right’ mysticism for Star Wars. I’d replace that with the Yoda arc (The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, Sacrifice), which does a nice bit of mysticism and also shows Yoda starting to recognise the failings of the prequel-era Jedi order, preparing him for his Dagobah exile, a spiritual clash with Palpatine, and leading nicely into some of the plots of the sequel era.

Thanks for your advice.
I actually really like Mortis, but anyway, the main reason I’m including it is because it is very important to Rebels and referenced a lot, and Ahsoka’s bird friend Morai (who appears in the last Vader scene of Clone Wars as well) would make no sense without the inclusion of the Mortis arc.

I could include the Yoda arc, but it doesn’t really fit with the other films since the main character would now be Yoda and it’s just a four-episode arc with no follow-up arc to combine into a movie.