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11-Aug-2020, 5:26 AM
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Genuinely sounds great.

I think you could definitely do with a clone heavy arc though - the Domino Squad arc is very well liked (Clone Cadets, Rookies, ARC Troopers), and features 99, the inspiration for the later Bad Batch (soon to have a TV series). Smudger9 cut the Christophsis and Domino Squad arcs into a good movie, that might be worth checking out. The Order 66 arc is also pretty important to the clones and the finale of this series.

I’d drop Mortis. A lot of people like it, but I think it’s super ham fisted and clunky - to me it doesn’t feature the ‘right’ mysticism for Star Wars. I’d replace that with the Yoda arc (The Lost One, Voices, Destiny, Sacrifice), which does a nice bit of mysticism and also shows Yoda starting to recognise the failings of the prequel-era Jedi order, preparing him for his Dagobah exile, a spiritual clash with Palpatine, and leading nicely into some of the plots of the sequel era.

People generally like the Umbara, Kadavo, Obi-Wan Undercover, and Younglings arcs, though they kind of stand alone and aren’t as vital as the above.

Similarly, there are episodes which add ‘connective tissue’ to a lot of other SW media, like some of the Boba Fett/bounty hunter arcs, the Citadel arc with Tarkin, Onderon with Saw Gererra, and episodes which show Padme’s political competence, but again, I don’t think they’re as vital as the ones you’ve picked.