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Popularity of the Original Trilogy enhanced by Prequels?
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10-Aug-2020, 8:18 PM
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30-Sep-2020, 11:05 AM
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Hello everyone, let me start off by saying I am not a fan of 21th Century cinema. I think most of the films today lack the depth, integrity and character that make older films far more enjoyable. In the last decade, I have probably been to the movie theater a dozen or so times. I still stay current on bigger titles by watching them at my buddies place after they become available - as I am curious to view what is coming out these days but refuse to pay for this garbage.

My aforementioned buddy is a pretty big move-file but I think he gets more enjoyment at criticizing modern cinema. We were talking recently about Star Wars, the OT, Disney’s creation and all the usual topics that come along with it and I got to thinking —

Would the OT be as popular today if Star Wars was left alone after Jedi?

I think the prequels and botched re-releases of the original films drew more attention to the OT and stirred up some nostalgia. Releases and expanded universes are quite common in today’s creatively bankrupt Hollywood. The Star Wars prequels were one of the first name-brand expanded universes (with a decent budget) but they were awful. I think they rekindled interested in the OT and added millions of new fans who otherwise would have written the OT off. What do you guys think?