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Revenge of the Sith: Rebalanced - Version 1.4 Released! IFDB Approved!
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10-Aug-2020, 7:28 PM

Just finished watching. I’ve made fan edits before so I like to watch with a close ear and eye and give any feedback if I can! Overall very good, huge improvement, I like that you didn’t go overboard in the editing, like you said, it’s a rebalanced version, not entirely redone. No complaints at all with the story.

Although, there were only a few minor audio things I noticed (Like I said I’ve made fan edits, so I completely understand how it works when there’s a minor flaw you can’t fix but it’s better than the alternative, which is leaving it unedited):

-4:41 I think heard a very very faint sound of a voice for a split sechond(Obi won?), this is because you cut some of the dialogue from the center channel but maybe there was a bit leftover that you missed
-8:15 I might just be delusional but I swear it sounds like a millisecond of his voice is cut off when Count dooku says “please” at the end, could be wrong
-The music when it goes from Grevious escaping and the ship crashing to the inside of the cockpit seems to kinda just stop, around 14 and a half minutes in, this one is not really an issue just rather something I noticed and felt like it went different in the original movie, I believe because you cut him talking to himself in the escape pod which is good, although somewhat noticable

Also I just had to point out, I love the cut from them getting captured by the security droids in the elevator shaft. Makes perfect sense.

Now for my personal opinion.

-I would have added the dialogue of Qui-Gon Jinn that Hal9000 added (from the clone wars) when Yoda is reflecting, to give more of an explanation. Preformed by Liam, so I don’t really see a reason not to.
-I would redub the “for reasons we cannot explain” when Padme is dying, I guess it’s assumed Palpatine is killing her with the force? If not, how could professional medical droids not understand why she is dying. Seems weird. Again, could be the force though.
-I know you cut the “you were the chosen one” part on mustafar but I never really had a huge issue with that. The only thing I noticed was when it cuts to Obi won’s face he has a sudden change of expression, because it’s the shot from after he said something like ‘it was said that you would destroy the sith not join them’ (Which I think you cut so there was none of this diaolgue), so he went from looking normal to very distraught then back to normal. All im trying to say was that 1-2 second shot of his face looked like he had just yelled something/was about to yell something but he didn’t

And that’s all! Well done, I think this edit is perfect for fans who like RotS but want to trim some of the dumb stuff while not overdoing it and making things seem ‘obviously fan-edited’