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9-Aug-2020, 10:37 AM
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Piranha 3DD - 2011 - 5/10

Highly anticipated follow-up to the masterpiece that was Piranha 3D.
Lake Victoria might have been infested, but a nearby lake ramps up as the new wet n wonderful party place.
As any horror aficionado knows, piranhas can always navigate underground tunnels and passages to find new eating places.
This film lacked the budget of the earlier film, but producers compensated by adding hundred of girls. Plenty are topless, a fair share naked.
That DD in the title does not indicate battery sizes, either.

Couple of plot problems. Why were those two guys hunting dead cows in the lake early on?
Then there’s the girl who somehow gets a fish up her … umm … in her Temple Of Happiness.
When her boyfriend bypasses temple columns with his … Moisture Detector … then the piranha bites and latches on like a starving man onto a stale hot dog. I mean … how come she never knew about that fish?
The young actors were adequate enough. Subtle and nuanced roles were reserved for the big talent.
Gary Busey - Christopher Lloyd - Ving Rhames - David Hasselhoff.
Hasselhoff even sings!
Who were listed as producers? Why, those arthouse auteurs - Bob and Harvey Weinstein.
Don’t miss closing credits.

Note: I gave this 5, but could have easily docked it 3 for silliness and stupidity. Likewise, could have just as easily boosted it 3 for silliness and stupidity.