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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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8-Aug-2020, 7:40 PM
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8-Aug-2020, 7:44 PM
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I think there is still alot of things wrong with the Naboo clip…AND I HATE THAT THERE IS. I dont like being the all negative guy here. I will list the things that I think keep it from being on par with the rest of the clips below. Honestly kind of leaning more towards just editing it out. The amount of work gone into it is super impressive but the absolute last thing I want is to watch this back with friends and not be satisfied/cringe at it looking too obviously fan made. I have to say it, but I think the work done here is amazing!

-Comparing the quality of the landscape painting to the other clips its clear its not from the same movie. This wouldnt be so bad if our focusing point (the Star Destroyer) was of better quality, but sadly its not.

-The smoke coming from the SD has subtle blue outline against a lighter blue or even orange sky behind it.

-The blacks/darkest points in the image dont match with the depth of the SD. This could be fixed by shading the right side darker to give it more depth.

-Like others have been saying from the get go (and I hate repeating things that have already been said but might as well list it here anyway), everything still needs to be slowed down a lot more. Watch the coruscant clip, I think we want just a little faster than that…and that is craaazy slow almost unnoticeable.

-The smoke has two main tails to it but based on the direction of the falling SD the trails should be moving up and left. Instead they are only moving straight upward.

-Just like the SD needing some shadows on its right side the right sides of the smoke needs to be darkend a bit since the light is coming from the left (it cant all be the same shade, think clouds in the sky at sunset).

-The two plooms of smoke are too different in lighting to be right next to each other (left one has a bunch of shading where the right one has none. This can be fixed I think if you duplicate the smaller ploom and move it to the middle of the two (plooms) overlapping the larger one and darkening the right side like the other two (assuming you decide to start shading).

-I think the other clip worked so well because it is obscured by smoke and debris. SO, my idea is maybe add some thin wispy clouds for the SD to fall out of (more aesthetically pleasing/plausible), giving the SD some depth and weight and also giving the plooms of smoke somewhere to go since they are just extending houndreds of miles until off screen.

-The last thing I think that would help the visuals in fitting with the other clips is upping the contrast and saturation to match the rest of the movie because of right now it looks washed out and easy to find whats wrong. When the darks are darker and the color is more colorful your eyes are drawn to those things first rather than the low quality 1999 painting/model.

I hope these elements help. I want the best product we can give. I so wish I could just do what I’m saying instead of asking others to do it for me but I have to live with my current limitations, and just hope you guys understand where i’m coming from.