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The Prequel Trilogy Revised - concept trailers released (WIP)
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8-Aug-2020, 4:38 AM

TheAlaskanSandman said:

Those are after he meets the gang tho. We don’t see anything of Anakin before meeting the gang. With Luke, you know his story before meeting Obiwan.

In ANH we see the world up until that point through the eyes of R2 and 3PO. We learn who Luke is through them.

In TPM we see the world up until the Tattooine arc exclusively through the eyes of Qui-Gon and co.

The only difference is the amount of time it takes for us to meet Anakin - perhaps that’s what you’re pointing out. If Obi-Wan were the POV in the first act of ANH, then maybe it would be comparable. If Anakin were the most interesting character in the film with a more prominent role, then having him show up so late would be an issue.

All my opinion, obviously.