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Return Of The Jedi - a general Random Thoughts thread
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4-Aug-2020, 10:26 PM

The OT was Luke’s story. The prequel was Anakin’s story and the sequel is Ray’s story.

I grew up with the Luke Skywalker trilogy so that is my favorite of the 3 trilogies. And the one i most often rewatch. The Maclunky edition left me cold, but seeing 4K83 warmed my heart. Even the odd moments of the film that don’t work like Harrison being bored and Mark Hamill not believing in the material, don’t ruin the film for me. Real world production issues should not intrude on the story, on the myth.

There are things i can complain about like the unconvincing scene with Harrison and Billy Dee with a Matte of the Millennium Falcon in the background and a tiny set that looks nothing like an expansive rebel hanger.
I wish the set was bigger and the Falcon was the full size location model they shot in the deleted scene of the sandstorm sequence. The film may be 3 times more expensive than Star Wars but it looks cheap, not sure if it was because they did not shoot on Panavision for the third film or the film stock they used, it has almost but not quite the feel of a tv movie. Down to the chosen director Richard Marquand.