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Chase Adams
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The Australian Thread
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4-Aug-2020, 12:36 AM

Welcome to the family, stickydixon!

stickydixon said:

Magpies suck,

Exactly why I never leave the house during spring.

spiders scare me,

I hate spiders.

90% of the country is too hot 90% of the time.


I first saw kangaroos at a school camp when I was thirteen. The next time was at a caravan park where one got within five yards of me - a rather scary experience.

Holy shit! Not until you were 13! I had a close call with a bunch of them when I was 5… I got separated from my parents while we were visiting Queensland and I had to hide behind an outdoor vending machine! True story. 😄

I oscillate between thinking that the stereotypes of Australia and the seemingly alien perception of the place by Americans and others is entirely bullshit and thinking that Australia really is an insane place. I suspect neither is really true/

It is an insane place. But regardless, a lot safer than most other places.