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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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2-Aug-2020, 2:01 AM

kewlfish: I really like the new one honestly! I like it alot. its more subtle and more plausible up close. The funny thing is I think we could could even bear to add a tad more crackle trail when shes waving the blade at a distance such as in these shots: 0:09, 0:19, 0:22. Cause the close ups are really really good, but the distant shots seam the slightest bit inconsistent. So like every once in a while in an establishing shot when Rey (or Ben) swings really hard you could add just that small amount more to maybe the tip of the blade as almost a light trail, just an idea. I think all the closer shots in the second half of the scene looked great.

natm: Oh…Yes I’m definitively that close to Poppasketti…Anybody think it would be rude to go and ask him? Lol, I will if its just a simple direct message here onsite, but anything beyond that, I’m not sure how I can help beyond coming up with the ideas. I’m more the Lore/cinema hound here XD, wish I was talented with Photoshop.

HAL: I was getting pretty excited watching all of the different takes for the Palps message and I think we can definitively cheat the recording on top of the reactions. Its a very natural cinema technique and it honestly could give more significant weight to the scene (seeing Rey and Leia’s genuine feelings while they hear The Emperors voice). With some polishing to make sure its weighty enough I think that could be our best bet.

ALSO, I was watching some Clone Wars and came across this sound effect. (best heard at 1:00)

Instantly thought of the Skywalker saber.
If you can Isolate the Vibro-Guillotine audio or find a better source I think this could be added on top of the OG audio for the cracked crystal sound (instead of using Kylo’s LS audio, which is a tad obvious IMO).