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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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31-Jul-2020, 7:04 PM

Crackle saber is looking good! but small changes:

I hate to be overly picky and critical but well I guess thats why were here

0:36 I know this may be alot to ask but is there a way to make the blade less obviously uniform?

0:44 In this shot the blade looks too thick. The angle doesnt, help but the original clip survives this problem.

1:27 the end of the blade has very obvious “half opacity” spikes jutting out from the blade’s tip (I’d say be careful of just removing them alone without tweaking the sides, cause it might cause the rest of the blade to become to thick and not long enough).

1:53 there are spikes jutting out way to far from the blade at a distance.

I truly appreciate all the work you’ve put into this!

I wouldn’t be opposed to another “differently cracked” concept for the skywalker blade either, especially if its less uniform of an effect. I do like this effect too! Another option would just be interesting.