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Project Threepio (Star Wars OOT subtitles)
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30-Jul-2020, 11:48 AM
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30-Jul-2020, 11:50 AM
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There’s a README file included with the project which explains all of the file names. I haven’t used the term “forced” in years, so I think you have a very old version. I sent you a link to the current version.

Summary of the meanings of the various filenames:

  • mono: indicates subtitles designed to accompany the unique dialogue in the mono mix
  • SDH: indicates subtitles designed for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • full: everything is subtitled
  • titles (previously forced): only onscreen text is subtitled, to accompany a dub that does not voice over the onscreen text (and/or alien languages)
  • native: no onscreen text is subtitled, designed to accompany video that already includes burnt-in alien subtitles
  • nocrawl: the opening titles and crawl are not subtitled, typically designed to accompany video that does not include burnt-in alien subtitles
  • match: same as native, but designed to mimic the appearance of theatrical alien subtitles
  • alien-35mm: subtitles for alien dialogue only, taken directly from 35mm film elements
  • alien-reconst: subtitles for alien dialogue only, rendered to look almost exactly like reference images of the theatrical alien subtitles
  • template: used only for creating new subtitles
  • compat: indicates that the text is specially formatted for broader compatibility with media players