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Info & Idea: Editing '2010: The Year We Make Contact'
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29-Jul-2020, 4:44 AM

Ice said:

I was watching 2010 the other day, and though of a few things for a fan edit project.

I love the film as is, and I don’t feel it really needs any alterations; however there are a few ideas to help it be a little closer in tone to 2001, yet still have it retain its own identity. Pretty much all of these ideas involve the audio rather than the picture, with one exception.

1: The 80s score sounds a bit dated. So changing to classical music (preferably lesser known works than 2001, and more Khachaturian to fit the Soviet scenes) for certain scenes might make a difference. Any suggestions welcome.

2: We have sound in space in this film which was not present in 2001, and could be removed for exterior shots.

3: I never liked the sound of Floyd’s narration; it sounds like it has a lot of reverb and was recorded in another room than the mic. Also I think there is a lot more narration than necessary. So I would edit the narration length down, and to filter it so it sounds like he is talking over the radio and have them played over exterior space-travel shots.

4: I never really liked the “Bowman visits wife & mother on earth” shots; and I’m considering cutting them altogether.

Any thoughts?

Well, the Bowman visit to his former wife Betty and his Mother are in the novel so why cut them out. It’s an acknowledgement that there is still some of his old self inside the Star child. Could try and cut the Cold War stuff as this seriously dates the film. Could replace the USSR patches with Russian Federation flags?