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Okay, it looks like I probably won’t be writing Star Wars stories any time soon (heck, I may just give up writing Star Wars altogether at this point) due to the drama going on in and outside of the latest SW movies and media, so I’m thinking of just putting up whatever I had for my own Star Wars prequel rewrite. And this could mean ALL of them. With that out of the way, let’s get started with the latest idea I had, called The Dark Times: A Reimagining of the Star Wars Prequels.


“For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic… before the dark times… before the Empire…” – OBI-WAN KENOBI.

Decades before the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, the fires of the Clone Wars have engulfed the galaxy. In its center, apprentice Anakin Skywalker of the legendary-yet diminished-Jedi Knights finds himself against a strange and hauntingly familiar evil. An evil leading the clone armies in the name of revenge against the Jedi and shadows in the Republic.

Along with his master Obi-Wan, Owen and Beru, and several others, Anakin rushes along the path of war. What lies on that path is the beginning of the end. Loyalties will be tested. Many will die. The mantle shall be passed. And nothing will ever be the same.

These are the dark times.

The basic idea: Alright, so to shake things up a bit, I planned for the OT to be the trilogy in my personal Star Wars saga. Therefore, my rewrites of the prequels and sequels would be different. For my prequels rewrite (The Dark Times), it would be one long story told in almost episodic chapters, and the story itself could be imagined as split into three “seasons,” with interluding chapters in between each one. As the story progresses, it would also go backwards with flashbacks interspersed throughout the chapters to tell how the heroes met, what they were doing before, and what made them who they were.

The sequels would have been a bit similar to what the MCU has done: stand alone-ish installments with their specific MC, told into a more intertwined story that ultimately lead up to one giant crossover finale (at the time, I only had five stories-the fifth being the crossover).

The setting:

Galactic Republic - The government of the galaxy that has lasted for at least 10,000 years.

Jedi Knights - The “guardians of peace and justice” throughout the galaxy for 1000 generations, they have trained themselves and others about the Force. Yet the centuries of peace after the Sith Wars left the Jedi unprepared for the Clone Wars as many knights fell due to a lack of complete training. So many deaths have disillusioned public opinion of the Jedi as “hallowed and unstoppable” warriors, when their main ideology is to inspire hope in others.

Additional note: The Jedi once had a rule of non-attachment but so many Jedi ignored it-mainly due to it being an incorrect interpretation of the Code-to the point that it was forgotten by the time Yoda came around.

Clonemasters - Rogue cloners who give their technology to worlds in exchange for new allegiances. They eventually were overthrown by their own clones under a new master, a mysterious clone named Ragnar.

Hutts and criminal orgs - the group’s whose bullying of the other systems led to them needing clones to defend themselves.

The Clone Wars:
What began as disputes between the Republic’s rich Core and the impoverished/vulnerable Outer Rim quickly escalated when the latter began using cloned soldiers to fend off raiding pirates after the Senate refused to send military or Jedi aid. War first broke out after the death of the famed Jedi Master Queten Qel-Droma at the hands of a supposed Mandalorian assassin, leading to the Republic to attack Mandalorian worlds upon the suspicion of helping the infamous Clonemasters (not helped that Jedi Qel-Droma was sent to stop the fallen Jedi Xanatos from conducting Clonemasters’ experiments to clone Jedi). Ultimately, the devastation and dispursal of the Mandalorians left the Outer Rim scared as they ally themselves with the Clonemasters to bulk up their forces.

It is during this time that our main heroes initially meet, as events pushed them to a supposed conference of the neutral world of Naboo. However, the conference ended in disaster the Clonemasters were captured/killed from a revolt of clones led by a being calling himself “Ragnar, True Son of the Sith,” who killed many Jedi and took Naboo in one fell swoop.


Anakin Skywalker - Son of Shmi Skywalker, who went from place to place. Eventually, he joined the Jedi after seeing people getting constantly trampled on. In his early Jedi days, he unknowingly unleashed a monster-Ragnar-onto the galaxy and he bore witness later on to Leela (a Twi’lek Jedi and friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi) ‘dying’ at Ragnar’s hands. Anakin wields both Leela’s yellow saber along with this blue one to remind himself of his own oath to stop an evil that he let loose on the galaxy.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Knight of the Republic, he serves as a commander under Bail Organa. Before meeting Anakin, he had lost his war early on in the Clone Wars and became a Jedi Shadow in order to control his darkness, leading to a black and white view on life. This is the same view he has tried to impart on Anakin over the years of training him, yet he is plagued with guilt of being unable to save his wife Siri on Galidraan or his friend Leela who died at the hands of Ragnar on Naboo.

Kara Lok Qel-Droma - The eldest child of the famed Jedi Quenten Qel-Droma, she grew up in her father’s shadow, especially since she lacked any connection with the Force. Her bitterness grew to a point that she ran away from home and joined the Republic military. Now in the Clone Wars, she has grown close to Anakin and Obi-Wan, yet it is a mere ploy to investigate Anakin’s growing strength for her real master.

Owen Lars and Beru Whitesun - The respective 3P0 and R2 of the story. Farmers from Tatooine, they grew up with help from Shmi Skywalker during hard times. In order to repay her (especially after her death), the two try to look out for her son, Anakin, who left Tatooine to join the Jedi. With little communication, they head over and constantly find themselves scooped up in adventures of Anakin, Obi-Wan (aka Owen’s older brother), and Kara.

Padme Amidala - The former queen of the neutral Naboo, she was forced to leave her home following the failed peace between the Republic and the Clonemasters. Staying on Coruscant with many others, she fell under the protection of the Jedi and became close to Anakin Skywalker, one of her Jedi guards (aka the very man who let Ragnar go). She even agreed to marry him when he asked.


Ragnar - A prisoner held by the Jedi, he has escaped (thanks to Anakin) and seeks revenge on his captors, going as far as to help the Clonemasters to fight against Palpatine. He ultimately turned on the Clonemasters, enslaving them and freeing the clones under them to serve him. He turns out to be a clone himself, made from ancient Sith DNA by Darth Plagueis, but Sidious informed the Jedi of Plagueis, leading to Ragnar’s initial capture and the death of his ‘father.’ He’s in dire need of Plagueis’ knowledge in order to make more Pureblood Sith clones as well as finding out how to extend his own limited life.

Omega-Nine-Nine - A clone saboteur under Clonemasters Atha Prime who served Ragnar as gratitude for being freed and treated better, becoming the Sith’s commander. One of the few clones to have an actual personality, he believes that under Ragnar he can ensure the future of his people by eliminating the Republic forces and Jedi who were hunting them down. He tracks the other clones who are under him to make sure they are thinking beings, not just machines.

Veila Bralor - A Mandalorian warrior who had lost her brother in the Jedi’s siege of Galidraan, aka the first battle of the Clone Wars, which resulted from the death of Quenten Qel-Droma. Vengeful and joining her sister-in-law’s Hounds of Ha’rangir, she eventually led the group following Raen’s death on Mustafar. Fighting alongside the clones, she has respect for them as warriors and has even begun to make a connection with the clone commander Omega.

Atha Prime - One of the remaining Clonemasters, he has been enslaved by Ragnar to work on making Force-sensitives clones. Despite it all, he does send out coded messages to the Republic, informing them of which targets are next and what facilities are still active.

Jedi Council

Sifo-Dyas (58) - The master of the Coruscant Temple and head of the Jedi Order. He was the one who sent Quenten Qel-Droma after Plagueis and had Ragnar imprisoned on Mustafar. Leading the Jedi in the Clone Wars, he has been trying to keep good relations by submitting to the demands of the Senate, yet keeping important information that is only pertinent to Jedi ideals. He is obsessed with visions, knowing it helped him to locate Plagueis, along with some push from Palpatine (aka Sidious, who implanted the vision, which Sifo-Dyas never figured out).

Adi Gallia (67) - Mistress of the Taris Spire Academy. She was the mentor of Siri, aka Obi-Wan’s wife, and she does at times hold him responsible for her pupil’s death, since Obi-Wan convinced Siri to join him in the war effort.

Plo Koon (72) - Master of the Tython Academy (a planet which would be later named as Byss), he is a semi-laxed Jedi who trains his pupils to resist the Dark Side as best as possible on Tython’s moon of Bogan, producing some of the best warriors the Jedi have in the Clone Wars, yet he himself appouses not to join the war effort. Being on the Jedi’s home of Tython, with the moons of Ashla and Bogan representing Light and Dark respectively, he firmly believes in the dichotomy of the Force yet as a means of balancing oneself.

Shadday (38) - Mistress of the Alderaan Enclave after Yoda left, she is the youngest of the Jedi Masters at age 35. Though appearing to be humble, she is very arrogant and prideful of her work, particularly using lightsaber crystals to act as cloaking devices for Jedi missions. This weaponization of lightsaber crystals against Ragnar is what leads to the prototype of the Death Star laser. Ironically, this is what kills her during the final battle on Alderaan as Ragnar’s troops take the weapon to use on the Republic and Jedi, leaving her for dead.

Yoda (865) - Jedi Master who remains hidden. Having fought the Sith a millennia ago, he knows the cost of war and believes there is a greater hand controlling everything. It is for this reason Yoda is one of the few masters who vehemently opposes fighting in the Clone Wars. He does appear to Anakin as a guide before he leaves, and when Obi-Wan calls for him through the Force, Yoda suspects a greater hand in this war.

Important note: Though he may appear, he will never be named Yoda to hide his appearance. Just as “master” to Obi-Wan and “troll” around everyone else.

Jedi Apprentice

Qai Qel-Droma (17) - Son of Quenten Qel-Droma, he grew up hearing stories of his father’s exploits. Years after his sister ran away and his dad died, he joined the Jedi as a young recruit. However, he’s soon captured by Mandalorians and clones during a terrorist attack on Coruscant and is the prisoner of the Clonemasters to be experimented on, but not before he briefly is reunited with his sister, Kara. He only survived thanks to his weak Force-sensitivity and working with the enslaved Clonemaster Atha Prime to send messages to the Republic.


The story thus far:

It is about 37 BBY. The Clone Wars have already gone on for years. Serving Chancellor Vallorum and Vice-Chancellor Organa, Commander Obi-Wan Kenobi has been attacking worlds allied to the Clonemasters. Young Anakin Skywalker has excelled in the battlefield, using strategies and his piloting skills to overtake enemies. Kara Lok, a specialist in the Republic military, remains on Coruscant to help the guards watch over Vice-Chancellor Organa and former Naboo queen Padme Amidala (soon to be Skywalker) when she’s informed about two individuals who have been detains in Coruscant’s spaceport security.


                  “Season 1” - Places include Bpfassh, Coruscant, Telos IV, and Mustafar

Prologue - On Coruscant, Padme says goodbye to her fiance, Anakin, who marches off to war with Obi-Wan.

Chapter 1: Explosive Greetings - Owen and Beru arrive on Coruscant to see Anakin and Obi-Wan when they’re almost arrested and freed by Kara. As she gives them the tour, they all eventually try to meet up (with Padme?) when there’s an attack.

Chapter 2: A Slight Ringing - On Christophsis (or whatever planet), Anakin and Obi-Wan are cleaning up a battle with fellow Jedi Knight Sian Jiesal before word gets back to then about what has happened, and Anakin contacts Padme, only to hear from Owen and Beru.

Flashback to include for chapter 2: After the disaster on Naboo that led to it falling in the hands of clones, young Jedi apprentice Anakin meets Naboo’s exiled queen Padme on Coruscant to guard her. Padme immediately notes Anakin’s messy hair and tries to clean it up, noting how it reminds her of her now-dead niece which makes Padme breakdown and have Anakin comfort her.

Chapter 3: Missing Piece - Bail has Kara look into the attack with the Jedi, and she learns of some info regarding Telos IV (which may be a combo to a lock or ancient knowledge that can stabilize the cloning process).

Chapter 4: Meeting with the Masters - Anakin and Obi-Wan meet with the Masters of the Academies who tell them to go to Telos IV.

Chapter 5: Telos IV - Obi-Wan leads the attack on Telos IV.

Chapter 6: A Lost Soldier - Anakin crashlands and contacts Obi-Wan before he heads out to destroy the shield generator. Despite the edge, Obi-Wan is suffering heavy losses, and Anakin is left behind after a sudden explosion.

Chapter 7: A Quiet Return - Forced to leave Anakin on Telos IV, Obi-Wan heads back to Coruscant to face Padme, Owen, and Beru. That is when he meets the council for his report. Obi-Wan prepares to head out but not before telling Kara to search for Anakin and about his search for a number of Jedi, including Qai Qel-Droma.

Flashback to include for chapter 7: Following Naboo’s capture, Obi-Wan takes Anakin under him after talking with a few other Jedi Master who are uncertain about him.

Chapter 8: Departures - After Obi-Wan informs Owen and Beru what’s going on, Owen sticks with Obi-Wan while Beru either a) lets Kara’s group (made of soldiers and Sian) get on her ship to head for Telos IV or b) stays with a recovering Padme as Kara gives her a communique to stay in touch just in case she needs an assist.

Chapter 9: Beck and Call - Anakin wakes up near the cloning base/facility/former Jedi Academy and he’s beckoned towards it by an old voice. Inside, he keeps seeing a figure until he meets Xek, a fellow Jedi Padawan whom he thought died during the disaster on Naboo.

Chapter 10: Old Friends - While Anakin and Xek learn about bits of knowledge from the old facility (Anakin sensing a Force Ghost presence), Kara and crew are attacked by Clonemaster ships and crash but not before Sian senses some dark presence (i.e. Ragnar) aboard one of the ships.

Flashback to include for Chapter 10: Having returned to Coruscant from Naboo, Kara meets her little brother at their father’s memorial.

Chapter 11: Lost Ones - Along with Owen, Obi-Wan heads into the underbelly of Coruscant to learn where the missing had all gone. It leads him to finding a spaceport where he comes face-to-face with Mandalorians from the battle of Galidraan.

Chapter 12: Reunion - Anakin, after leaving Xek for a bit, reunites with Kara and crew (including Beru?). The two heads towards the cloning facility after escaping some more clones. There, they find an old droid call 1L-Um which they begin to work on to get up and running.

Chapter 13: Making Contact - Focus on Padme on Coruscant as she and Bail notice the growing military power. That’s when someone (Beru?) comes in to inform the two about Kara’s reports of crashing and meeting Anakin. This leads them to setting up another rescue mission, yet they try to do so more discreetly.

Chapter 14: Ghosts - After escaping the clones, Kara, while haunted by her father’s ghost, reminisces how she and Anakin were in a similar situation years ago. Yet, everyone is surprised when they meet Xek, seemingly alive after the great disaster that was the bombing of Naboo.

Chapter 15: Shipped Off - Obi-Wan wakes up aboard a ship filled with captured Jedi, including Qai Qel-Droma. Alongside Owen (whom Obi-Wan has him pretend to be a Jedi) Obi-Wan explains to Qai what happened when Mandalorians come in.

Flashback to include for chapter 15: On Naboo (where all chaos breaks loose with the clones revolting), Obi-Wan feels Leela’s death, gets Anakin away, and leaves behind Xek, an apprentice of Jedi Knight Sian Jiesal.

Chapter 16: A Failed Retrieval - Padme’s ship arrives to help, but despite everyone’s best efforts, the crew is captured by clones in a tractor beam, and they face the leader of the group, Ragnar, who plans to use them all as hostages.

Chapter 17: The Vault - On Telos’ surface, Anakin tries to argue for the freedom of a tied up Xek while everyone else, including Sian (Xek’s master), keeps saying he’s too dangerous as they don’t know how Xek could even be alive. Yet, throughout the search, Anakin keeps hearing a voice telling him to beware the Dark Side. With the info from Kara and a reactivated 1L-UM, the group accesses a vault of Sith knowledge from which a bunch of clones (who are let in by Xek) loot. Anakin has to let them go with it and Kara in order for Padme to be freed.

Chapter 18: Ragnar - Kara wakes up aboard Ragnar’s ship, finding herself with a captured Obi-Wan who is brought aboard with the other Jedi, including her brother Qai. The entire group is sent to Mustafar to be tortured and used. However, Kara has left a tracker on, which Anakin notices and uses that as he’s picked up by Bail.

Flashback to include for chapter 18: As the clones break loose and revolt on Naboo, Kara sees Anakin’s power being unleashed in the streets of Theed as he wipes aside clones to chase after someone.

Chapter 19: Points of Convergence - Anakin and Bail meets with Tarkin and co. about attacking Mustafar. Arriving on Mustafar, Ragnar has the prisoners split up: Jedi are to be experimented on while regulars are to be cloned to make new agents to replace them and infiltrate the Republic (as the ones who attacked Coruscant did). Just as Ragnar accesses the loot from the vault (enough to receive a vision of the future), the Republic fleet under Tarkin arrives and engages his own.

Chapter 20: The Fiery Fall - Led by Anakin, the Republic fighters break through, yet they fire on the facility. After breaking free with everyone else who wasn’t taken away (including Qai), Obi-Wan and Kara has them escape the facility. Anakin crashes to reunite with this friend and leads them to Ragnar’s old prison for shelter. Xek himself wants to fight Anakin but loses control and falls to the barrage.

Chapter 21: Aftermath - As Sifo-Dyas oversees everyone’s recovery, he’s bombarded with questions. It’s not helped when the Senate arranges for the Jedi to move to Tython, as a political move to separate the Jedi from power. He goes to rest himself and wonders on the future as he sees another vision of Ragnar fighting against a figure of equal darkness.

Chapter 22: Qel-Droma - Kara, after seeing her father yet again and everything else that has happened, loses it briefly when she’s alone (can be seen when Anakin visits her and she says it’s nothing). She visits Obi-Wan and Anakin to console them, even admitting her last name “Qel-Droma.” Owen can talk to Obi-Wan about Anakin during a funeral service in which the soldiers release “firefly”-like machines to represent the dead.

Flashback to include for chapter 22: Anakin remembering the death of Jedi Knight Leela at Ragnar’s hands on Naboo, which triggered his rage and his powers.

Interlude 1: Sifo-Dyas - Show Sifo-Dyas trying to investigate the remaining lightsaber crystal underneath the Coruscant temple when Obi-Wan is there with Anakin, the latter there to gain a lightsaber for himself (and it’s more like how Leia got hers from ESB Infinities).

Interlude 2: Tarkin - Show Tarkin with Republic intel decoding messages (from Atha Prime).

Interlude 3: Jerec - Show Jerec and/or a fallen Bpfasshi Jedi being captured after being chased by Ragnar (who wants to use them to get into Tython).

                  “Season 2” - Places include Tython/Ashla, Alderaan, Tatooine, Taris, Galidraan

Chapter 23: Studies in the Dark - Anakin, helping with the move to Tython, tries to get more info on the Sith. He’s denied access by Master Shadday until a green troll helps Anakin to enter, wishing to study the Jedi to see what he does. The troll prevents Anakin from accessing any forbidden knowledge, giving only what he should know at his level, including talking to 1L-UM. Anakin is then sent back to Tatooine with Padme.

Chapter 24: The Shining Star - Kara is on Alderaan, meeting with Jedi to work on building a power source. Kara implants the idea of it being a powerful weapon, which Jedi Shadday initially refuses only to reconsider later down the line. Kara also gains knowledge of a crime boss selling weapons to the clones on Tatooine, which she informs Anakin about. She also visits her mom when she’s approached by Queen Breha, and the two discuss the war and its effects on the people as they see through the number of refugees. That is when Kara is told to head to Tatooine.

Possible quotes:
Kara, after talking to Shadday: (Kara) “Being a Jedi’s daughter has its days.”

Chapter 25: Like Siblings - For a month or two, Obi-Wan is Owen and Beru back on Tatooine. The trio do get into a scuffle with some local crime bosses, which Obi-Wan easily mind tricks away. That is when Obi-Wan notices a figure that resembles Leela lurking by, leading him to follow until he bumps into Anakin and Padme who just arrived. On Naboo, the clone Omega reports to Ragnar about what has happened. Ragar then sets his plan into motion as he eyes rows upon rows of clone vats, while the clone rejects lie at his feet.
Can show Atha Prime working to the bone, himself chained.

Chapter 26: Home Sweet Home - Padme is given a tour of Obi-Wan’s old home of Anchorhead as well as the grave of Anakin’s mother. Padme is a little shocked by the use of slaves and criminals on Tatooine, which Owen considers as “the place to go when someone wants to get away.” Then, the group is attacked.

Chapter 27: Rushing Along - Kara arrives on Tatooine, just after the crew is snuffed out of their dwelling. When asked by Obi-Wan and Anakin, she explains that she received a communique about someone wanting Obi-Wan. Given what has happened, the crew heads to Kara’s ship which is destroyed.

Flashback to include for chapter 27: Kara is with Rayner, a soldier whom she has grown close to, until he is revealed to be a sleeper clone agent as he pulls a gun on her.

Chapter 28: Escape - Escaping Tatooine on the Knight Errant, our heroes wonder what is going on. Owen wants himself and Beru to go home but our heroes state they’re a target too, so they first head to Taris for sanctuary.

Chapter 29: A City of Wastes - Arriving on Taris, Obi-Wan meets with Mistress Adi Gallia and reports to the other Jedi of what has happened. Kara, having been injured during the escape, focuses on getting herself healed. At the same time, Jedi Knight Sian is forced back after a failed attempt to retake Naboo and is chased with Ragnar coming after her.

Chapter 30: Ceilings and Floors - Anakin’s uncertainties grow, taking him away from Padme and the others as he tries to learn as best as he could about defeating Ragnar. Owen and Beru do get in his way. Something however is calling him, and it comes true when they notice ships landing in the wastes, bringing him and Obi-Wan to head towards it.

Flashback to include for chapter 30: A younger Anakin is confronted by Owen and Beru on Naboo in order to convince him to not become a Jedi.

Chapter 31: Face-to-Face - Kara wakes up, seeing her father’s ghost over her, in time to hear about what’s going on and comes across a cloned Leela. That is when Anakin and Obi-wan arrive at their area and come across Ragnar with several other Jedi to capture him after a great struggle. Obi-Wan and Anakin have to run back when they hear about clone Leela.

Chapter 32: A Haunted Victory - Kara, Padme, Owen, and Beru try to deal with clone Leela but are having trouble. Afterwards, Obi-Wan, Kara, and Anakin report to the surprised Jedi Council who tell them to bring Ragnar and Leela to Tython.

Chapter 33: A Quiet Shadow - Anakin is keeping an eye on Ragnar aboard the Knight Errant, trying to get answers (especially on Plagueis) and keeping Padme away from him. However, Ragnar states they both should wait until they arrive at their destination. At best, Anakin can only hear the Sith code as well as Ragnar winning. Anakin is about to scoff at the idea of freeing Ragnar when the Sith says he “wouldn’t be surprised if it happened again.” With Ragnar taken to Ashla, Anakin himself wonders if the same would happen to him, which Obi-Wan confirms that Anakin wouldn’t fall.

Interlude 4: Breha - As Sian is recovering and trains for a bit, Breha is on Coruscant, noticing the anti-Jedi fervor growing to see her husband. With his wife, Bail tries to run for Chancellor only to be met by Palpatine.

Chapter 34: Leela’s Light - On Tython, Obi-Wan tries to get a feeling of the cloned Leela, unable to figure out how to deal with the clone of his dead friend. Yet being with Leela makes Obi-Wan wonder about how Kara knew that he was under attack and who her source was. Things aren’t helped when Bail and Breha arrive on Tython, the former to discuss with the Jedi about gaining support from the Senate to reclaim Naboo (something which many Jedi are hesitant about since they already failed with that endeavour).

Flashback to include chapter 34: Watching over a young Anakin train, Obi-Wan meets with a living Leela and confides in her about his doubts of training Anakin due to the young man’s rashness and overconfidence. Leela of course brings up Obi-Wan being the same before Yoda trained him and now.f

Chapter 35: Sifting Through - Anakin confronts the Jedi Council on answers, with Obi-Wan to back him up. Ultimately, the Council explains of the old mission that led to Quenten Qel-Droma’s death and gives the two permission to sift through the Sith knowledge. Kara, still haunted by her father, is trying to investigate the findings from the Telos IV facility which is in the same area. Obi-Wan and Anakin join in to learn what exactly Ragnar was looking for and find a holocron no one can access. Yet, all three learn of the figure known as “Sidious” from a few recordings.

Chapter 36: An Old Darkness - Obi-Wan, Kara and Anakin call Ragnar’s prison on Ashla. Ragnar admits he let himself be captured to figure out Sidious’ real identity, believing Sidious will try to eliminate him. Just as Ragnar starts to explain how Sidious has an interest in Anakin’s powers and explains there are communications in his transport, Kara interrupts as she mentions the cloning techniques Plagueis used. Ragnar mocks Kara on how she’s a tool just like her father was and how her brother Qai will be, which forces Anakin and Obi-Wan to hold Kara back. Ragnar also mocks the two Jedi on how seeing clone Leela must be uncomfortable for them.

Chapter 37: Lingering Shades - After hearing Ragnar’s words of Sidious’ interest in Anakin’s progress, Obi-Wan investigates only to find no communications about Sidious. Remembering Kara’s interactions with Ragnar, Obi-Wan suspects her. Meanwhile, Anakin finds the holocron of Plagueis, only to hesitate and leave it, but not before he’s met by the green troll (Yoda) and by Dooku’s Force Ghost.

Flashback to include for chapter 37: After arriving on Naboo in time for a peace summit, Obi-Wan is with Kara and Anakin as they report to the Jedi Council who tells them to keep quiet about what happened. In that, Kara scoffs at “Jedi truths.”

Chapter 38: A Shaken Group - Bail, Breha, Sian, Padme, Owen, and Beru try to uplift Anakin, Obi-Wan and Kara, but there are growing underlying tensions between the three. Just as it’s revealed that Anakin is the one who unleashed Ragnar, Obi-Wan is given the order to go to Galidraan. Meanwhile, the clone Omega and Veila Bralor plan to draw the Jedi away to attack the Taris Academy.

Chapter 39: A Question of Belief - Obi-Wan, though shaken, visits Leela one more time. Anakin is there before him, wondering how he can face his own mistakes. Obi-Wan, acting as the master, assures him and even goes as far to take Plagueis’ holocron and gives it to Anakin, believing that his student is strong enough to resist it. Before he leaves, Obi-Wan has Kara come with him to ascertain everything.

Chapter 40: Doubts - Returning to Taris, Kara is confronted by a hesitant Obi-Wan about her loyalties, which Kara affirms her loyalty is to the Republic. Kara is watched over by Jedi Sian on Taris while Obi-Wan heads over to Galidraan to confront his own past.

Flashback to include for chapter 40: On the planet Katarr, a stranded Kara and Rayner are rescued by Obi-Wan and Anakin who picked up their signal and came to help them.

Chapter 41: The Clone Deception - After talking to Padme one more time, Anakin at last comes to Ragnar’s prison on Ashla and demands to know the knowledge inside the holocron. Ragnar explains only two Force-users with the Dark Side could access it. Together, they access it. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan realizes he’s facing the real Ragnar and escapes in time.

Chapter 42: Code to Destruction - At the same time, the Mandalorians arrive to destroy the Taris Academy. Adi Gallia helps Kara and Sian escape, sacrificing herself as the Academy is destroyed. Kara meets up with Obi-Wan and the pair head over to Tython for Anakin, who is now standing over the collapsed Ragnar clone whose mind went insane before able to complete the download from the holocron. Yet, his death causes an explosion that Anakin escapes, destroying the holocron in the process and distracting enough Jedi for clone Leela to escape.

Chapter 43: Through Victory, Freedom - On Tython, Anakin finds clone Leela holding Padme hostage. Clone Leela is on the verge of psychosis herself and will take anyone will her but Anakin appeasing to the real Leela’s memories lets him fight her. The two duel (clone Leela using the yellow saber of the real Leela, and Anakin using his blue saber) and Anakin barely wins, granting an insane clone Leela a quick death after falling into the Dark Side. Reunited with Padme, the two agree that they should get married now.

Flashback to include for chapter 43: Before Katarr, Anakin is taken through the Jedi Temple by Obi-Wan and is given the Jedi Code to learn from.

Chapter 44: Masters and Servants - As Ragnar addresses his men, Anakin and Padme’s wedding on Alderaan, via Obi-Wan’s eyes as he talks to Yoda (who mentions Anakin must face his own fears and may find it on Korriban) and notices Kara’s own attitude. Afterwards, Anakin visits the spot of Leela’s supposed grave, recalling the very events as he at last drops Leela’s yellow blade into the water and turns, not bothering to watch it go, as he recalls the line in the Sith Code, “Through victory, my chains are broken.” Meanwhile, Kara herself goes to talk with her own master, Sidious, to report her findings, and here, it is revealed Sidious has been keeping track of Ragnar’s progress and wants to ensure that Ragnar doesn’t outdo him in the long-run.

Possible dialogue:
Between Yoda and Obi-Wan: (Yoda) “Lies his true test does in the heart of evil… on Korriban.”

Interlude 5: Show a Mandalorian/clone trying to find info Sidious while on Caamas, but he’s stopped by Sian.

Interlude 6: Plo Koon - Focus on Plo Koon who trains Obi-Wan and Anakin on Bogan in preparation for the mission to Korriban.

Interlude 7: Veila - A bit focused on Clonemaster Veila Bralor and clone Omega on Naboo. They prepare for what’s to come and relax before the Republic appears.

                  “Season 3” - Places include Naboo, Korriban, Coruscant, Kessel, Tython, Alderaan

Chapter 45: Road to Reclamation - Meanwhile, Tarkin and Obi-Wan lead the assault, with Kara dropping off troops.

Chapter 46: Storming the Castle - Anakin storms through the remains of Theed City until he recaptures it. With victory at hand, the Jedi and Republic forces gather what Intel they can get from the leftover info.

Chapter 47: Names and Places - Kara goes through the list of prisoners left behind by the clones and is soon met by Palpatine, as Plo Koon, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and several other Jedi head for Korriban, with Jerec as a guide.

Flashback to include for chapter 47: Once flying her ship over Katarr, Kara and Rayner are attaceked by Ragnar, and the two are the only suvivors who escape onto Katarr’s surface in time.

Chapter 48: Heart of Darkness - Arriving on Korriban, the Jedi and Republic forces go through the Valley of the Dark Lords, some of whom are eaten by tukata and whatnot. At last, Jerec-who reveals himself as Ragnar’s spy and wishes to learn more of the Sith-escapes in the confusion and Anakin goes after him, while Obi-Wan leads his troops through the wastes.

Chapter 49: Jen’ari - Going into the tomb, Anakin has visions of the future by encountering ghost-like figures of people he does and doesn’t know fighting him, ending with a ghostly vision of twisted black figure emerging and attacking Anakin with a red saber blade, before he at last leaves the tomb to face Ragnar.

Chapter 50: Truths of a Sith - Ragnar brings Anakin to the tombs of ancient Sith Lords which recounts the first of them as Jedi Knights. Then, Anakin realizes Ragnar is dying and Ragnar tells him that the Sith must live one way or another before he ominously disappears. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan has captured Jerec but Anakin leaves him for dead-stating they have bigger concerns-before they head to Alderaan.

Chapter 51: A Black Stain - Returning to Coruscant, Anakin meets with Palpatine who informs Anakin that his source has caught Ragnar on Kessel.

Flashback to include for chapter 51: Having crash-landed on the planet Mustafar (in which Clonemasters are fighting Jedi and Republic forces above), Anakin comes across a prison and he accidentally frees Ragnar. Not to mention, this is his first act after being taken in by the Jedi.

Chapter 52: Pale Light - After Anakin talks to Palpatine, he goes to Alderaan, where Obi-Wan is talking to Plo Koon and the other Jedi (some of whom are calling in) of the situation at hand. Anakin then spends time with Padme, Owen, and Beru stays with Padme while Obi-Wan and Kara talk about the future.

Chapter 53: From Silver to Orange - The next morning, Bail, Breha, Owen, Beru, and Padme say goodbye to our heroes, with Anakin getting a kiss from Padme for luck and Obi-Wan getting handshakes from Bail and Breha. Leaving for Kessel along with several others, the trio prepare themselves for what to expect. Dropping out, 1L-UM lands the ship while the Jedi on board cloak themselves using the Force.

Chapter 54: Moon of Spice - Arriving on Kessel, Obi-Wan leads the heroes into infiltrating the spice moon where prisoners are being cloned and/or put to work with Omega and Veila watching them. Just as the two were about to find our heroes, Qai comes in to whisk them away to safety and reunites them with clone Rayner.

Flashback to include for chapter 54: Before Mustafar, Obi-Wan, clad in black, meets a young Anakin, clad in white, for the first time. The two discuss, and their friendship is hinted at as Obi-Wan believes he can train Anakin. Their talk is interrupted as Obi-Wan is sent to Mustafar, with Anakin serving under him.

Chapter 55: Prime Maker - With clone Rayner, the heroes (Kara being uncomfortable as she had been the closest with Rayner) are to Atha Prime’s workshop, where a chained Atha Prime reveals Rayner is one of his agents, having been the one sending out secret messages to inform the Republic the going froms and tos of Ragnar as vengeance. Our heroes reluctantly promise Atha Prime freedom in exchange for knowledge of Ragnar’s fleet.

Chapter 56: Blocked Path - Our heroes initiate an escape plan, but it ends badly as Veila and Omega’s men catch them, with many of the fellow Jedi tag-alongs dead.

Chapter 57: Pull of the Maw - Our heroes are shown to Ragnar who orders them to be executed with Atha Prime, before he brings his fleet from the Maw. When Anakin feels Ragnar is heading on his way to the Core, and Omega’s men are about to execute Qai before Kara’s eyes, Anakin uses his anger to free himself and the others to escape.

Flashback to include for chapter 57: Many years before meeting Anakin, Obi-Wan loses his wife Siri on Galidraan in what would be the first battle of the Clone Wars.

Chapter 58: Breakout - After our heroes escape their cell, the ensuing escape from their captors is a bloodbath. Many more Republic troops and Jedi die, even prisoners as Kara causes a cave-in with detonators to trap the clones and Atha Prime inside. In the attack, Omega is wounded, and Veila tries to protect him, yet their forces leave them, under orders of Ragnar. Seeing their situation, Obi-Wan leaves Omega and Veila on Kessel, telling them to run and never look back.

Chapter 59: Invasion - Ragnar begins his attack by first bombarding Tython. Sifo-Dyas and Plo Koon help their fellow Jedi escape, but they themselves fall prey to the bombardment. Then, they head over to Alderaan, where Palpatine/Sidious is waiting.

Chapter 60: Bombardment - Anakin flies through the Maw to catch up with Ragnar’s fleet. To everyone’s shock, they find Ragnar’s ships barely scratching the planetary shields, but Ragnar’s crew has infiltrated the surface by going through a weakpoint to take Shadday’s weaponized lightsaber crystal cannon and fire on the Republic ships guarding the place (and less loyal to Palpatine).

Flashback to include for chapter 60: Years before meeting Obi-Wan, Anakin leaves his home against the wishes of his sick and dying mother and he escapes off-world.

Chapter 61: Into the Breach - Anakin and co arrive on their planet to take on the weapon after finding a dying Shadday and getting schematics from her. 1L-UM leads them inside, with Kara and Qai going to get the controls while Obi-Wan and Anakin buy them time by facing Ragnar and his troops.

Chapter 62: The Weapon - Kara and Qai go into the weapon’s controls, trying to figure out a way to shut it down when Ragnar’s troops come marching in and Kara is shot. Meanwhile, Ragnar, Anakin, Obi-Wan and a ruined 1L-UM are flung off the weapon which begins flying, with Obi-Wan and 1L-UM heading towards the palace where the civilian and others (including Palpatine) are taking refuge, while Anakin and Ragnar fight in the Jedi Academy.

Chapter 63: An Error of Judgement - Kara wakes up and helps her brother to defeat Ragnar’s troops by sucking them out into space. However, the weapon is damaged from Anakin and Ragnar’s fight (the two having pulled on the weapon with the Force), and Anakin tells Kara to take the weapon as far away as possible. Kara does so, but not before she ejects her brother into a nearby pod, telling him to stay safe.

Flashback to include for chapter 63: For her first mission for Sidious, after learning the Mandalorian ways and donning their armor, Kara is sent to Telos IV, where she finds her father and Qui-Gon dueling Plagueis (Sidious’ master). In the duel, Kara kills her father, starting off the chain of events that lead to the Clone Wars.

Chapter 64: Defenders - Meanwhile, Obi-Wan saves Breha, Bail, Owen, Beru, Padme, and Palpatine, yet Palpatine takes the glory by walking off and having Tarkin and his men show up. The rest go off to find Anakin in the mess.

Chapter 65: Mantle of the Dark Side - Though losing his lightsaber, Anakin Force-chokes Ragnar and kills him using the Sith’s own weapon. However, Ragnar uses his dying breath to foretell the future of the galaxy to Anakin. At the same time, Kara has the superweapon go into hyperspace but not before sending one last transmission to Anakin and Obi-Wan about the truth of her being Palpatine’s spy and Palpatine being behind the Clone Wars. A wounded Kara, seeing her father, asks him if she did good. Her father’s ghost, appearing in the window nods, and Kara smiles before she dies in the superweapon’s explosion.

Chapter 66: A Fading Star - In the aftermath, the Jedi have been all but wiped out, with only a few Jedi like Qai, Obi-Wan (who have discovered Qai), and Yoda, who all prepare to leave, but not before Obi-Wan picks up Anakin’s lightsaber and telling Bail and Padme to come look for him if they need help.

Epilogue - While the remaining Jedi prepare to leave with Owen and Beru, Anakin, having accepted the Dark Side, gives his saber to Obi-Wan and stays with an uncertain Padme.


And that is my prequel rewrite. It can be a bit confusing as to why I decided to end my story right there, but the main reason is this: when I was initially thinking of this idea (and it was a trilogy at the time), I wanted my story to stand on its own so its not too dependent on the OT as the actual PT ended being. The way to do that, I first thought (and I do mean first, because this is where this story and all its draft originated) of the idea of the story ending with Anakin giving his lightsaber to Obi-Wan after he has accepted the dark path, and he goes off to do his own thing while Obi-Wan goes into hiding with the remaining Jedi. Any amount of time between then and the OT could easily be guessed and/or implied upon for the reading audience to understand the basic gist, without having to spoil the OT.

Now, that I got this crud out of the way, I do hope you enjoy it. Sure, this is a freaking long post, but I hope you like it (I, at this point, have no interest in really writing this story out for what I have stated at the top). If you got any questions, let me know. Take care and stay safe.