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Help: looking for... 'Will & Grace' - uncut super-sized episodes
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27-Jul-2020, 12:25 AM
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27-Jul-2020, 5:48 AM
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When the show Will & Grace originally aired on NBC, there were a number of super-sized episodes that aired. When the show was released on DVD, there were a number of these that were their syndication edits that were cut down to 21 minutes.

Edited episodes include:
-Ben? Her? (this one is weird, the season 2 DVD has the edited episode but the “Best of Love and Marriage” DVD is uncut)
-Gypsies, Tramps, and Weed (not a super-sized episode but it did use its syndication edit on DVD)
-Women and Children First
-Dolls and Dolls
-May Divorce Be With You
-Dames at Sea
-A-Story, Bee-Story
-Ice Cream Balls
-Strangers With Candace (once again not super-sized but used its syndication edit on DVD)
-Friends With Benefits

If anyone is able to lead me to a source of give me one where they have the original NBC uncut versions of these episodes please let me know

There’s also the issue of the second half of season 7 and season 8 being presented in 4x3 instead of 16x9 as broadcast but that’s something else entirely and I won’t discuss it here.