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'Godzilla - The Heisei Series' Remastered (a WIP)
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25-Jul-2020, 12:48 PM

WitchDR said:

Any update on this? The Heisei series is my all time favorite, and this full on fanedit sounds incredible. Cutting the first two movies together especially, since I also find the first one to be a drag to watch through on a marathon.

I’m glad to see that you think it sounds great. It’s always nice to see that some are excited for a project, it greatly improves my morale to actually see to it that it gets done.

Admittedly I haven’t been working on this much as I’ve been focusing more on other projects (my dinosaur documentary project and my Star Wars edits), but once I’m done with my Revenge of the Sith edit then I’ll start working on this.

I have been starting to doubt whether I’ll actually be able to effectively combine Return of Godzilla and Biollante, as it will mess with continuity quite a bit. Maybe instead of combining them in a way that makes it seem like they’re happening at the same time (as I originally thought), I’ll edit it so a heavily cut-down 84 acts as like a prologue at the beginning (there is something like that in the actual opening of Biollante but this one would be more expansive), still taking place 5 years before. Godzilla would still look different but not really much I can do about that.

I may also offer two options: one edit of 84 and Biollante combined into one film and another option in which they are still separate movies. I will trim down 84 to pick up the pace (and probably even add the American scenes of Raymond Burr like I did with my 54 edit, because Steve Martin is awesome), and have a separate Biollante fan-edit that still makes a lot of the changes I was going to for that movie:

-Cut the scene where Gondo talks about the prime minister not believing the psychic children. There’s literally an institute designated for psychic children and the prime minister doesn’t even believe they exist?
-Cut the scene where Kirishima and Azuka talk about making the bacteria at night time. This scene really doesn’t give us any new information and I feel like the first half of this movie takes too long to get started.
-Cut the part where Miki draws Rose Biollante. It ruins any suspense and surprise of seeing Biollante for the first time.
-Cut all of the scenes that split the battle between Godzilla and the Super X II, removing that terrible shot of Godzilla’s head rising from the water, removing excess fat, and not stopping the momentum of the film.
-The scene where Doctor Shiragami talks to the news woman and when he, Miki, and Azuka realize Erika is no longer in Biollante is moved after the battle with Godzilla and the Super X II.
-After Miki says “Biollante was calling out to Godzilla!” it cuts to the shot of Godzilla walking to Lake Ashi at night with added sound effects, as the music playing during the clip is continued from the scene that I cut below.
-As a result, the scene of the military getting into position before the first fight is removed.
-Cut the two times Godzilla completely misses Biollante by a long shot with his atomic breath near the end of the fight. Like seriously, it’s as if he intentionally missed! What’s the point?
-Cut the scene with the helicopters after the first fight.
-Cut the entire subplot of “We sent everything to Isle Bay and Godzilla actually appeared in Osaka!” as it just convoluted the film. It doesn’t even need to exist for the plot to make sense, and it takes focus away from the much more interesting subplot of Miki trying to change Godzilla’s direction with her telepathy.
-Cut the part where Azuka makes the soldiers leave the platform. It’s probably the most illogical thing in this movie. Why would you get rid of your own protection and transport? And you really think that you’re more qualified to be in such a dangerous situation then trained soldiers?!

This way people who like 84 a lot won’t be left out. I do think it has it’s good parts, but the pace needs to be picked up.