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Hadrian sunrider
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How would you combine the best parts of the Star Wars franchise into one LOTR-style trilogy?
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24-Jul-2020, 11:32 AM
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Ed Slushie said:

Star Wars is a famously massive, expansive universe taking place across multiple eras and every corner of the galaxy. And yet, practically every new thing to come out of the series (at least, every new movie) since Return of the Jedi has been criticized, to some extent, for feeling repetitive. Lately, I’ve been wondering: What if the writers of the original trilogy had somehow had access to the entire canon (Disney and Legends continuities) to draw from for ideas? And, for the sake of the thought experiment, been given unlimited time, money, and technology as well?
How might the trilogy have gone differently?

No way I can tell this story in one trilogy. Trust me, I have this Star Wars reboot pitch that is even more radical than anything on this forum that essentially is the whose who of the legends and Disney canon(aphra, thrawn, Kyle katarn, lord Hoth). You will literally see almost everyone on this f@cking saga in the movie at some point…and none of them will be “normal”.

Let me give you a sneak peek

Anakin was born 1,000 years before “TPM” As he was frozen by the vacuum of space, The reason why is dark.

Anakin Skywalker is a sith Holocaust survivor, who is not even human.

Padme, Obi-Wan And “the emperor” are also reinvented heavily

Padme is Abeloth…her death caused anakin to try to resurrect her using the device from Darth Vader immortal, leading to the creation of An abomination that wants to “protect” her children From Anakin…her children are raised by anakin as a single father, This resurrection transformed the once beautiful world of Naboo into the hellish world of MUstafar.

Obi-Wan is a cathar who is “the same age”(anakin is a thousand years old) as anakin and is more of a brother than a father figure to anakin…and they have sexual tension towards each-other.

The emperor isn’t male, nor a constant presence. The empress is the ruler of the Sith pureblood empire that exists in the unknown regions waiting on the perfect time to strike, Her goal is to create an alchemical ritual that will allow her to absorb all life in the galaxy in order to become a living Goddess, Empress shiva is also Anakin’s Twin sister and is essentially female Darth Vitiate meets dark empire palpatine reborn. She is a self loathing female misogynist who had to work 10 times harder to get to where she is today despite massive sexism among the Sith species. She is the night king of the series, the thanos level threat whose arrival is built up like a apocalyptic event…her identity as anakin’s sister being a secret held for a long time.

The chosen one Prophecy is the dyad of the force…revealed to be Luke and Leia, who are destined to destroy the empress, Luke skywalker turns to the dark side and is basically a weird reinvention of Kylo Ren while leia is a weird reinvention of Rey while Han is not even human but also a Cathar.

Anakin’s Human father is Darth Bane…who abused anakin and his sister when they were kids before anakin nearly killed him and basically exiled the asshole with his force powers…who would later become a sith himself that would use essence transfer to scheme against the republic from the shadows.

Anakin Skywalker’s story only gets stranger from here