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A 'Rumour and News' thread for reported new Star Wars films and tv series
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24-Jul-2020, 5:20 AM

To me, the best part of the film was Lando. Perfectly cast and well played. Since the film did so poorly, I gave up quickly on ever seeing him in the role again. This would be a must-watch for me. Plus it might be a way to see more of Enfys. She was my other favorite part of the film and more collateral damage. She could make an appearance in this once a season or so.

A Lando series would be more interesting to me than a Kenobi series. I think the Kenobi series could be great and I’d watch it, but Lando is a more interesting character to me. That said, if they put as much work into any of these TV shows as they have The Mandalorian, the franchise is is excellent shape. Maybe it’s time to move Star Wars to the small screen and go with story over spectacle.