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Info & Idea: Editing '2010: The Year We Make Contact'
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22-Jul-2020, 4:48 PM
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29-Jul-2020, 5:30 AM
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I was watching 2010 the other day, and though of a few things for a fan edit project.

I love the film as is, and I don’t feel it really needs any alterations; however there are a few ideas to help it be a little closer in tone to 2001, yet still have it retain its own identity. Pretty much all of these ideas involve the audio rather than the picture, with one exception.


1: The 80s score sounds a bit dated. So changing to classical music (preferably lesser known works than 2001, and more Khachaturian to fit the Soviet scenes) for certain scenes might make a difference. Any suggestions welcome.

2: We have sound in space in this film which was not present in 2001, and could be removed for exterior shots.

3: I never liked the sound of Floyd’s narration; it sounds like it has a lot of reverb and was recorded in another room than the mic. Also I think there is a lot more narration than necessary. So I would edit the narration length down, and to filter it so it sounds like he is talking over the radio and have them played over exterior space-travel shots.

4: I never really liked the “Bowman visits wife & mother on earth” shots; and I’m considering cutting them altogether.


Any thoughts?