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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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18-Jul-2020, 2:18 AM

Hey HAL, thanks for reading that over! I did notice the subtle DOTF tune at the beginning of the fight while I watched it and I think it could have worked if it carried through the fight, but since it is only there for 2 sec (or thats just what i heard anyway) and then gone for the whole thing it feels a bit strange to me, like a tease that doesnt have fulfillment. Maybe add it again nearing the end when things are even more intense so it carries more with the scene? Its just a bit confusing right now since it lasts such a short amount of time. Hope that makes sense.

If I may pop in to the current topic, after studying Kylo’s Lightsaber core more, I was wondering if kewlfish you could add a soft blue particle effect around the blade as well almost like a film grain to give it less of a sharp fluctuating edge. Kylos also had a more lightning effect as well but I dont think that needs to be added since this a different crystal and it is cracked differently.

Also glad you went for all crackle over healing HAL, its important to make sure the movie is watchable for normal audiences as well and if our family members dont understand than probably we should dial things back. I think the blade idea is good though, close to that line but good all the same.

Also felt that Ben’s death could have been longer and more impact-full, especially since Rey obviously just admitted her full feelings to him. Of course it would have to look and feel good though. also music change is iffy at best, idea has some merit but, yeah it would need to grow alot.