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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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17-Jul-2020, 5:19 AM

Hey all! Finally got time to check out the edit. I ENJOYED THIS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE. It was more…respectful and honest. Flowed far far better! Great work! Honestly I haven’t seen ROS since theaters so watching it again I was impressed but I didn’t realize (and I mean this as the highest compliment) just how much finagling you all have already done (this tends to happen), all in all I want to say from outside perspective I didn’t notice 95% of the changes and I think they healed 100% of the pacing problem.

P.S. is there a list of changes coming that havent made it into the workprint? Would love to see that since I dont know if I can go through another 100 pages.

I’ve been checking in on the new edits and ideas and i’d like to throw my two sense in as well, but for now I’ll stick to…

I think the Rey V Kylo indeed does need some additional scoring. This is coming from a HUGE John Williams fan as well, but after watching the normal version (feeling subconsciously underwhelmed) and some of the edits using Samuel Kim’s (also big fan) work I just felt far more immersed in the scene’s danger with a STAR WARS DUAL feeling to it. I do feel conflicted about changing something as precious as the film’s score but at the end of the day, I believe it serves the film better. And isn’t that what its all about?

I believe this is the audio used
and as long as there is some clever finagling nearing the end of the fight when Rey is tiring I think this would work beautifully. Now I remember seeing HAL saying something like we would would need to get Samuel Kim to compose for this scene specifically to make it truly work. Can we just ask him? I know he does work for SW fan projects already I dont know why he would turn this down outside of time or some other variable (I dont know him personally or anything, just saying). If this is something you might consider pursuing HAL I wouldn’t mind trying to contact him about it (dont know how effective I can be doe).

I do actually like the addition of a short Jedi Purge insertion when Palps is blowing the fleet away, (perhaps a bit more subtle) it works better than I thought it would and it adds more dire emotion to the scene.

all for giving the Knights of Ren more personality (likely a touchy job but I have learned not to underestimate the power of fan boi edits, especially with Poppasketti around).

I dont much understand the dubbing of Boolio, is there something else crucial that we need to tell the audience (outside the state of the first order, which I think would be better served in the opening crawl)? Cause if its just the voice…um Mark Hamill nuff said. Especially since elsewhere the movie makes a point to provide translation to Alien speech.

I think thats it for the music and sound, EDITS/CHANGES are coming when I have time and sanity, I’ll give it a more scrutinized watch later but I just want to say…I am really truly impressed with the creativity in the workprint (the ending was genius!), I absolutely cannot wait to watch this with palatable sound quality! Great job everyone!