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Enter the Matrix Reloaded (Released)
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16-Jul-2020, 11:24 PM
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16-Jul-2020, 11:28 PM
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Wow, long time since I’ve sat through rebloated. Yeah little rough in spots, don’t know if that’s due to creative choices or glitchy rendering. But fascinating and fun exploration of the more expanded storyline they left out of the final film. I actually understood wtf was going on as I watched it this time instead of being baffled totally. There’s real gold left in the Enter the Matrix game and it helps the story make more sense and feel more complete. Definitely very close to being the definitive way to watch rebloated. A few highlights from this particular cut for me as a fan were the events before Niobe and ghost go to save morpheus on the free way. I like how they feel like they’re part of the chase not this out of the butt last minute element, so the slow mo shoot part works as sort of nice bridge between the seperate storylines rather than gratuitous slow mo for no reason. Now it says “these guys are in deep shit.” Punctuating Niobe and Ghost’s haste to get moving. Overall Jada gets better as a character in this cut now that she’s more fleshed out. I paid more attention to her character and gave a crap about her as I watched this, which I didn’t in the least as I sat through the theatrical movies. Of course the Oracle is a difficult bit to get right since the original actress didn’t have anything to do with the game so they used the second actress. It’s a tricky thing to fix or attempt to do… Very cool extended cut to accompany the regular films, it’s kinda like Lion King and a 1/2… Don’t pass this up, it’s worth taking a look at the story from a new angle.