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Man of Tomorrow

Man of Tomorrow by Job Willins.

A combination edit of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Technically 2h38m, but it will feel longer because of the rapid pacing. Version 1.3 is the latest I’m aware of.

I love this movie, and it’s what got me interested in fan edits, despite being a bit messy and bloated, as much of an experiment as a movie (Job Willins has also done some other similar movie+sequel combo edits). Superman and Batman’s respective characters are done far better justice with this edit; Superman feels like a hero instead of mopey murderer, and Batman is more empathetic. The integration of Bruce into what was originally Man of Steel’s plot is impressive, not only in the obvious way of BvS’s opening flashback, but in some other ways through clever editing, and the end of the film’s first half is practically inspirational. With the fat cut off, BvS’s main conflicts now get to shine better as well, with the complete removal of the Africa-bullet-senate plot that nonsensically wasted our time in the original.

What’s more, this is Superman’s story. Clark always felt like he was getting tossed around by fate in the original movies, with Jor-El, Zod, and Bruce taking up far too much screen time in combination with Clark’s generally un-Superman Randian approach to “heroism” (Zack Snyder was basically the worst person who could have made a Superman movie). Here, however, Superman takes center stage as his more heroic nature peeks through Snyder’s dreariness and the side characters are treated as side characters.

Man of Tomorrow goes beyond the typical superhero film formula by being not just an origin story or single notable conflict, but an anthology of Superman’s entire life. Krypton’s explosion, the Kent farm, the Daily Planet, solo heroics, a rogue’s gallery of opponents, rival-turned-ally Batman, a small taste of the League/Trinity, and finally his death at the hands of Doomsday. It’s not unlike an elseworld one-off comic story in that regard, remixing and reinterpreting classic comic material but with a definitive beginning and ending. I recommend it to anyone who saw potential in the DCEU before it began and was disappointed with the results.