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act on instinct
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2001: A Serialized Odyssey (Released)
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16-Jul-2020, 12:40 AM
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13-Aug-2020, 6:57 AM
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2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi epic, has a runtime of 142 minutes and is worth every second. If you’ve never seen it before I highly recommend you do so and experience it first as intended in its full, uninterrupted, feature length.

With that out of the way this edit has a very basic goal: what if 2001: A Space Odyssey originally aired as a 5 part mini-series?

There is no official cut list as nothing was really cut save for the original overture and intermission, some of which gets repurposed during the credits of individual episodes, credits have been rearranged and sped up to be more modern like a television show, some removed until the very end. In episode 2 a shot of HAL is added to more smoothly transition the close of that episode, the opening shot serves as a title card, every episode closes with the MGM logo. I also removed any reference to cinerama as technically none of us are viewing it in cinerama. 😉

I didn’t set out to change 2001 as much as re-contextualize it. Would it be easier to digest and understand in smaller bites rather than one long film? Emphasize key moments in the story? Overall by breaking the film apart and giving each episode a title card and its own credits I wanted it to feel authentic as a mini-series, while also remaining true to the original film.

Episode titles and lengths are as follows:
The Dawn of Man - 32:26
A Trip to the Moon - 32:00
A Game of Chess - 26:12
Sorry Dave - 29:22
Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite - 31:54

This is a very minor edit but I thought I’d share it anyway, if enough people enjoy it maybe I’ll redo a version in the future using a higher quality source file. Originally this was done more on a whim just to see if splitting the movie like this would play in a satisfying way, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. PM me for links and thank you for reading!