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Dinosauria: Ascension, Domination, Downfall - Brand New Dinosaur Documentary Project
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15-Jul-2020, 6:09 PM
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15-Jul-2020, 6:10 PM
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Dinosauria: Ascension, Domination, Downfall is an upcoming prehistoric wildlife documentary series I am creating that aims to be the most scientifically accurate, up-to-date and compelling dinosaur documentary to date.

Official Poster by a fantastic paleoartist who goes by Prehistorica on Twitter:

It’s of a Tyrannosaurus couple sharing a nice meal together.

Official Website:

Me and my team are striving to create a documentary that does two crucial things we believe are essential to making an exemplary natural history documentary:

  1. Accurately showcasing the Mesozoic era (the era often dubbed “the age of the dinosaurs”) and the animals that lived in it in all of their glory, portraying dinosaurs and other giant reptiles like pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, etc. as the real animals they actually were. Our documentary will not portray these beautiful creatures as inept, obsolete monsters that constantly got into violent fights, but as powerful, extremely successful and active animals that practice many behaviors modern animals do today. Our documentary will educate it’s viewers on these animals’ evolution, anatomical features, diet, their ecological relationships with other animals, possible social lives with members of their own kind, how their environment affected the way they lived, how they hunted, fought, reproduced, and much more.
  2. Creating riveting stories that engage viewers into the world these animals lived in. We want to produce episodes that not only educate, but excite and captivate our audience with scenarios that invoke sympathy for the animals. Our goal is to make a documentary that will be exhilarating, beautiful, thrilling, and even sometimes sad; a magnificent, awe-inspiring masterpiece not seen since BBC’s award-winning mini-series Walking with Dinosaurs.

Dinosauria will consist of 10 episodes, each one taking place in a different time and location in the Mesozoic. These episodes will be around 30-45 minutes long, and will be produced with a mix of CGI and practical puppets (though mostly the former). Think like Walking with Dinosaurs, but bigger in scope and updated to current scientific rigor.

More info is to come.