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Is the 1997 Special Edition important?
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14-Jul-2020, 10:50 PM
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14-Jul-2020, 10:51 PM
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V.I.N.Cent said:

Where are all the 1997 Special Edition fans? 😉

They would be quite useful in voicing their opinion that this version should be preserved and released on a modern format!

Which is quite easy and cheap to do… with Disney+ being a free and viable platform to showcase these particular versions - upon which the 2019 Special Edition release is based on - in 4K quality.

So, basically there is a beautiful 4K print of the 1997 Special Edition available, with no additional work to do, ready for release…

And then, if there is then enough demand for a physical release of the 1997 Special Editions…

Those 20th Anniversary versions of the Original Trilogy are “the Final Cut” after all, according to George himself 😉

The version of the films he released in the cinemas in 1997 with much publicity & fanfare - and also made hundreds of millions of $$$s from around the world from in cinema ticket sales alone…

For some fans, the 1997 Special Editions are both memorable and exceptional in their own right, and they certainly performed very well at the box office outperforming some very notable movies:-

20 Years Ago, ‘Star Wars: Special Edition’ Made ‘Star Wars’ Special Again - a 2017 article at the Forbes website.

George spent a lot of time and effort justifying the changes he made at the time, and since, yet never made this ‘Final Cut’ version available on a digital or HD format since.

It is high time to change that… and also officially release the 1997 special Editions in 4K quality!


(Plus, a few preservatioinsits on here wouldn’t mind getting their hands on 4K quality 1997 Special Edition release - to use as a base for an unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy movies…)

If someone wants to make a “Respecialized Edition” 2.0 they could use the '19 cut as a high quality source for the Y-Wings disappearing too early in the one shot of the Death Star attack. So that’s a plus. And we have the proper “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” for that version.