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Ultimate Star Wars Chronological Marathon
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12-Jul-2020, 9:08 AM

Rodney-2187 said:

There no such thing as too much Star Wars. Please share!

I included all of The Clone Wars in my list, but I suppose not every episode is essential to the overall story, even though they do add some depth to the characters. There are some episodes however I consider to be as essential as anything could be. Just my opinion.

That is an amazing list! Great job!

Thanks, and yeah, everybody I know who watches Clones Wars has no problem watching from beginning to end. My uncle, for example, likes to claim that every episode is top-tier Star Wars. But for me, I cannot stand the Jar-Jar episodes (whata shock!!) and the episodes that add practically nothing to the plot really stifle my excitement to keep watching, because I know there will be more bad episodes to come as I make my way through the series.

But I agree, there are MANY episodes and story arcs that add so much great textures to the Star Wars universe. I desire to really nail down a solid list of episodes I can get behind in terms of my own fandom to the series. I don’t wanna sit there groaning every few episodes if I don’t have to, I already have to deal with enough of my own groaning watching the prequel trilogy, lol.