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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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10-Jul-2020, 4:07 PM
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This is a thought, this is all it is, just a thought - what if we put ourselves in the shoes of someone that has never seen the movie and watches this cut, they have never seen any press about Palpatine’s return, but the first they see of it is on Exegol when Kylo meets him…what if, we keep the suspense going a bit longer, so, you have no mention of Palpatine in the crawl as planned, you then see Kylo go to Mustafar, get this pyramid thing that has sith noises coming from it, then we cut to Chewie, Finn and Poe getting the message, back to the Falcon landing back, Rey asking what’s the message? Then you hear what sounds like Palpatine’s message, interspliced with Kylo landing on Exegol, dubbed with the message, then you cut to the discussion and after Poe says,somehow Palpatine has returned, you cut again to Kylo on the lift, cut back to the rest of the resistance discussion, ending with Leia’s line and then cuts to Kylo hearing the voices and meeting Palpatine… it’s just a thought like I said. Would it work without disrupting the audio and music? Just think the simultaneous revelation on Palpatine to light and dark might have more impact…