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Star Trek Deep Space Nine - NTSC DVD Restoration & 1080p HD Enhancement (Emissary Released)
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10-Jul-2020, 7:33 AM
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10-Jul-2020, 7:36 AM
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First of, thanks for the replies.

I know what you mean Booshman - when I saw the Doc “What You Leave Behind” I was blown away. Only goes to show what is possible and how many people would love to see it happening. The moment I saw it I thought “I would bet my life on there being enough fans who would be willing to contribute with crowdfunding and so on to make that happen”.
But then again, it is difficult with the rights and all.

When it comes to quality, I also understand why people are so “difficult to impress”. You see I am pretty much a SciFi Nerd/Geek who grew up in the 90s and lived with handrecorded VHS tapes, so I am grateful for every bit of improvement, I certainly do not expect fans to deliver HD Studio Remasters, since you can’t put out more than there is to begin with. But with AI it has actually become affordable and delivers good results (depending on the original material).

When it comes to my encodes, I usually do everything lossless until the final encode, when it is compressed for the purpose of saving space (my private collection has a crf factor of 10, which would produce the pilot at about 10 GB at 1080p, so I am looking into doing the compression more effectively without loosing to much improved/perceived quality, for I think it shouldn’t be in excess of over 5GB for a double 90 minute episode and about 2,5 GB for a standard 45 minute episode).

To RwAoNrDdOsM: I’ve send you a pm / opened a private topic and would be glad to hear from you. Since I haven’t tried 4K yet for I thought that would be “overdoing it”, I’m really curious if you can change my mind on that. I would have to option to do it, although it would probably consume more time.

To Artan42: I can’t wait for that either to be honest. But I wanted to do the episodes in order, for seasons 6 and 7 of DS9 had better source material - I remember reading somewhere that the producers switched to digital video recording with those seasons, which is the reason why seasons 1-3 look sometimes “worse” than 4-5 and finally 6-7.
So I wanted to see how much can be done by beginning with “the bad”, so I can deliver realistic results; otherwise people would have probably been disappointed when I would have posted quality shots of Seasons 6 and 7 (yes, I know the clips that are out there, especially Sacrifice of Angels, and god, they do look amazing!) and then went back to the beginning and people would have been like “what, did you break your disc, that looks crappy” when watching the first episodes.

One final note: I always test my encodes with 4 different viewing options, so I can get realistic feedback.

    1. Watching it on my “old” laptop (Standard Display with 1080p Resolution)
    1. Watching it on my “new” laptop (4K Resolution with HD-Display)
    1. Watching it on my parents TV (1080p capable Plasma-Display)
    1. Watching it on my personal TV (4K Display with Upscale Option on 1080p content)

The final step is watching with my mom (who first made me fall in love with Star Trek and SciFi in general) the old dvd and my improved version to get some feedback on what she thinks.

By the way: I think the rest of my family is about to kill me soon, since they know they will now have to watch Star Trek for at least 7 seasons of DS9 and possibly later on Voyager. So, when you don’t hear anything from me, you know what happened 😉

I also had a crazy thought for the future (yes, I am crazy enough to plan that far ahead): Anyone remember Earth: Final Conflict? It was also a Roddenberry show I loved and I recently bought the NTSC DVDs of those as well - just thinking out loud here …

Last thing: I did consider goole drive, but I have heared it is difficult considering copyright and stuff … so how save would it be? Would mega be an alternative? I have seen some people around here using it.

So, that’s it for now. Sorry for the long post.