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8-Jul-2020, 7:55 PM

fmalover said:

The final season of Game of Thrones generated a lot of backlash, but personally I had no issues with it. I remember reading that the last three seasons were going to be a general idea of how the story would unfold in the books rather than a direct adaptation.

To me, it is fanfiction. The first four seasons I’d rate an overall 8/10, but 7 and 8 would get a 6/10. So I, too, don’t hate it like many others. A bit disappointed, I guess, but I don’t feel the hatred many others felt, and this is coming from somebody who is a huge fan of the book series.

Honestly, what did everybody expect from these later seasons anyways? Most of the best parts from the show were lifted directly from the books. Did people really expect that once Dave and Dan ran out of source material that they’d come up with stuff as good as what George wrote? Get real.

Still, the last few seasons were MOSTLY pretty solid, but I’m still eagerly awaiting on George to deliver the REAL story.