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Chronologically Lost HD (Remaster of Mike Maloney's edit) (Released)
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7-Jul-2020, 1:40 AM

ozgun14 said:

i finished watching it days ago. thanks for the effort. it totally worth it. it was great in total but like i said, timeshifts and 1974-1977 shouldve been after 2004.

my suggestion is:
1-3 (beginning-1972) island, two brothers, richard, dharma
9-79 (1978-2004) all characters flashbacks, others early years, flight, accident, all island things, teleportation
80-88 (2005-2007) the ones with leave the island, second flight, accident, after accident
all the timeshifts + 4 (1974-1977) the ones with stay on the island
5-8 (1977) everyone on the same page with oceanic team back and explosion
89-96 (2007) after explosion everyone on the same page again
97-101 (epilogue)

tbh, its not easy to locate timeshifts (there are fourteen of them.)

Cheers. I can see where you’re going with it, though this edit (along with the original version) was aiming to be a more literally in order of time, so it was gonna be out of place, definitely not a way to introduce someone to the series.