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Darth Dougal
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Is it Lucas, or Fox, who has prevented the restored OOT release?
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1-Jul-2020, 4:31 PM

LexX said:

While it was interesting, it barely covered anything. All the questions seemed to be beforehand asked/selected. I’d love to hear the full Marcia interview, that would be so great. It would be nice to know what she thinks about the prequels or if he and George have been in touch at all etc.

Unfortunately he did not address the OOT question. I didn’t realise questions had to be sent via Twitter.

However, regarding Star Wars in general, he said as much as he could without putting himself in legal peril. There are comments in the Youtube video that some will use as fuel on the fire regarding Disney and the sequels.

The Kazanjian book sounds interesting. Two versions on the way.