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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)
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30-Jun-2020, 6:50 PM
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30-Jun-2020, 6:51 PM
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I’m out of the editing game for a while cuz of ma computer but if anyone is interested here’s how I made Palpatine’s new lines.
Skywalker is dead!
The Republic, Destroyed

Skywalker” - Return of the Jedi - The Emperor’s arrival. “You have done well lord Vader, and now I sense you wish to continue your search for young Skywalker

Is” - Rise of skywalker - Rey and Palpatine. “Luke Skywalker was saved by his father, the only family you have here is me”

Dead” - Rise of Skywalker - Sith Sacrifice. “And with a stroke of her saber, the Sith are reborn. The Jedi are dead!”.

The Republic” - Revenge of the Sith - Palpatine creates the Empire.“In order to insure the security and continuing stability, the Republic will be reorganised in to the first galactic empire”.

“, Destroyed” - Return of the Jedi - Palpatine zapping Luke with lightning. “If you will not be turned, then you will be destroyed” .