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Dom's (Possibly) Useful TROS Edit
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30-Jun-2020, 1:58 PM

Oh really? I must have forgotten or totally missed that you did that.

I have mentioned this before but it would be nice to make Leia a little more talkative.

For example, when Rey tells Leia she is going to look for the wayfinder and Leia says no, you could have Leia start saying why she disagrees, then have Rey interrupt her. So something like, “No, we need-“. The way it is now, Leia just says no, then stands there silently without giving Rey an explanation. I think it would just help make it feel like a real conversation rather than a mad lib experiment.

Another idea would be to give Leia an extra line when she hands the saber back to Rey. Something like, “This is yours”, “Keep it”, etc. I know Dom had the idea of having Rey say, “I will earn your family’s saber”. If you did that, it would be cool to have Leia say, “You are family.” It would also be a nice set up for Rey taking the name Skywalker later, and it would feel more like Leia gave her her blessing to take the name at that point. Maybe we could piece lines together Carrie interviews if we can’t find suitable Leia lines anywhere.

There are a few other places too, like Leia could say something like, “Good luck” when she gives Rey the saber to run the training course, or when Rey starts saying, “Didn’t finish the training course. Got distracted.” It would be nice if Leia said something first like, “What happened?” or “What’s wrong?” Because at first it just feels like Rey is talking to herself.

Anyway, I would just like to see a few extra lines for Leia if it can feel natural.