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The Silent Film Thread
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29-Jun-2020, 3:23 PM
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moviefreakedmind said:

Is Intolerance good? I want to watch it since it was such an important film in the history of cinema, but at the same time I don’t want to subject myself to a horribly boring 3.5 hours.

Intolerance is good, though you might need to overlay historical perspective.
Meaning, what was jaw-dropping 100 years ago is creaky now.
The sections about the Huguenots seem to contribute little and I wish Griffith had cut them.
Intolerance also does not have the uncomfortable baggage that Birth Of A Nation does.
I prefer Griffith’s Biograph shorts, and try to watch several every year.

Spuffure said:

What do you think is the worst silent film ever …

Not the worst, but I really struggled with Brand Upon The Brain! (2006) by Maddin.
His fanbase goes gaga over this one, but I found it tedious.
When I watched, it was well after midnight, perhaps I was tired.
I have enjoyed / appreciated some of his other works.
I first heard of Maddin after a review of his “Dracula,”