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The Prequel Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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29-Jun-2020, 1:07 AM

TheAlaskanSandman said:

Id enjoy seeing an R rated Star Wars. Itd be a pain with all the blood simulation but i think id be pretty cool. As a kid i always liked the blood in ANH and wondered why they did away with it in the other movies. Corridor crew did some small quick vids but they were more on the ridiculous side. I later understood that the wounds were being cauterized but still. I miss the bombastic squids used in the 80’s like in Robocop haha

You know, I actually had an idea for an R-rated Star Wars, complete with sex and nudity. It’d be doable with some actors’ other works and deepfaking.

However, we have to be honest, the SW community is extremely immature and conservative about sexual material, so it would be negatively received (in public) and get a lot of spiteful attempts to stop it.

Too bad, there’s enough source material out there to make it work…maybe I should take another crack at it.