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What are the themes of the Star Wars movies?
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28-Jun-2020, 5:24 PM
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I agree with you on most, adding to the list:

TPM - Believing in yourself and learning to work with / trust others.
AOTC - Uhhh not sure. This is a really poorly made movie so it doesn’t really have a theme: the closet is love finds a way, but that only covers the Anakin/Padme stuff, the Obi Wan and Geonosis parts have no story besides a series of setpieces.
ROTS - Love used as a corrupting influence (actually a really cool concept, a shame it’s executed so poorly).
ANH - Faith.
ESB - The real world isn’t a fairytale.
ROTJ - Trusting in friends and believing in someone’s inner good/the power of love.
TFA - Cowardice and Moving on from the Past.
TLJ - Failure and Learning from it.
TORS - Trusting in friends and Moving on from the Past (two stolen themes).