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Anakin Starkiller
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What are the themes of the Star Wars movies?
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28-Jun-2020, 4:06 PM

I don’t mean overall but rather of each individual movie.

The Prequels all seem to cover roughly the same ground with corruption and the quest for power, between Anakin and Palpatine, as well as the failure of the Jedi.

The originals…I got nothin’. RotJ is about family, I guess? There’s a recurring motif of Luke wanting to save his friends, if you can make anything of that.

TFA is about confronting the past. Finn must confront his past as a stormtrooper, Rey must accept that her parents are never coming back, and Han must confront his fallen son.

TLJ is all about failure and learning from it. Yoda is pretty on the nose about this one. Finn learns to fight the good fight by failing to save the fleet. Poe learns to be less impulsive by failing to mutiny.

TRoS is…also about the past. Geez, Abrams, show some creativity. Poe must confront his past as a spice runner on Kijimi, currying parsley and paprika to grocery stores across the Galaxy. Finn must deal with his past as a stormtrooper on Kef Bir, where he meets a former company of stormtroopers. Rey must deal with why her parents left her and…groan…her heritage as a Palpatine.