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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (WIP)
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28-Jun-2020, 3:54 PM

Just watched the Mustafar cut and I haven’t read a ton of discussion so I’m a pretty neutral first time viewer.

This is very minor and all the pacing, colors, and sound was great. I just had one underlying reason for disliking the video game footage, and that is: it looks like it’ll be a normal invasion fight scene, but then it cuts right to a slow motion epic music fighting scene. I think the battle could be more consistent without the video game footage. Show your establishing shots, then boom, go to the normal fight from the movie. You could even add a second establishing forest shot if you want I liked that close up when someone posted earlier.

That said, I was analyzing it closely knowing it’s a fan edit. Show it to a true clueless viewer and they might not notice what I was thinking.