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28-Jun-2020, 10:26 AM

Film IV, A Roar for Vengeance, is completed.

This was a tricky edit. A very tricky edit. On one hand, the Stark heritage line has gotten very complicated with the death of our two main characters - first Ned Stark, and then Robb Stark. In a cinematic sense, you always need one or more main characters to lead you through the story’s emotions and feel what they feel, by of course having empathy with them and an understanding of what drives that certain character that you root for. Having killed of the two main characters that lead us through the grand picture of the story has left the fourth film in a difficult position. But luckily, I love a challenge - and I am very proud of this fourth entry.

The natural progression for me was to now set up the new puzzle pieces and make it clear very early who are now the new main characters and why. Jon Snow, and Tyrion and Jamie (from their respective representative sides of the story; The Starks and the Lannisters) was undoubtebly the way to go, to maintain a red thread all throughout from Film I and onwards. To suddenly keep focusing on a lot of the different plots and main characters throughout Westeros would of course be enjoyable - as the world is so rich, but in my opinion it would worsen this as a film franchise and undermine the main story and main conflict. Having Tyrion and Jamie - two characters that we now LIKE and empathize with drive the Lannister side of the story, and Jon Snow drive the Stark Side of the story, is in my opinion the way to go to keep the narrative strong, rich but also simple. And a world as rich as Game of Thrones, simple means “followable”.

We also keep a focus on the Arya, Daenerys, Sansa, Bran and Theon side of the story - tho’ in a strong narratively and sustainable way. We have to respect the richness of the world, and the upcoming significance and reward of certain plot points and character moments. Stannis is still very present through dialogue, but he keeps a backseat in this film as well due to the lack of forward momentum and overall importance to the story. His role is much more significant in Film V and VI.