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Hal 9000
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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28-Jun-2020, 5:19 AM

Chase, I don’t think Kef Bir needs to be altered, as it looks pretty similar to Endor already, moreso maybe even than two different sides of Earth.

I’m going to use the Ochi ship shot, and I’m glad the group process got it to look as good as it is now!

Mustafar… There’s no chance of me removing the sequence, as doing so heaps on pacing problems that it can’t bear. I like the idea of buffering the opening with some more footage, and as it is it’s the same soundtrack piece we hear in the scene extended in reverse from that point. I’ve never been a gamer myself and the troops don’t appear weird to me at all, yet I keep hearing that that footage genuinely bugs a lot of you because it begs a sense I must not really have. I don’t want something dodgy as the first couple shots of the movie, so I’ll stew on this for a while longer.